Friday, May 06, 2005

Blair's Florida?

Watching the Spring birds fly before the Olympic Mountain Range on my horizon just now, I wondered: "How could so many Britons support Tony Blair; at this late date?" It's not like their Americans!

Then, I came upon this.... -{ape}

Electoral Fraud Widespread In UK Election
by Various Friday May 06, 2005 at 02:12 PM

As was the case in the US in 2004, it appears that this vote was also rigged. I'd cling desperately to power if I had committed War Crimes, too. I just hope the British People won't sit idly by and watch this happen like the Americans have. Not while Fascism is again on the march.

Brown's in charge

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown emerged from yesterday’s General Election as the real British Prime Minister.

Although Tony Blair was celebrating a historic and unprecedented third successive Labour victory, it was clear that much of his power had ebbed to his Downing Street neighbour.

Blair declared winner in Sedgefield amidst reports of fraud

20,000 missing votes heighten Birmingham postal fraud fears,,19809-1600 737,00.html

Postal vote to be probed

BEGG SEAT POLL PROBE 6025&method=full&siteid=89488&headline=begg-seat-p oll-probe-name_page.html

Postal voting fraud is widespread, Straw told ews/2005/05/06/nelecstraw.xml

Police ordered to stop investigating vote rigging in Blair's constituency

‘Taint’ in polls to mother of parliament
There are charges that many votes have been stolen. Political parties are set to demand that suspect results should be overturned. foreign174556200555.asp

John Humphrys claims his postal vote was stolen
By Louisa McLennan, Times Online

The radio journalist John Humphrys and television presenter Mariella Frostrup have complained that they were prevented from voting yesterday due to alleged failures with the postal voting system.

Mr Humphrys, the presenter of the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, revealed that he had gone to the polling station, only to be told that he couldn’t vote because someone had already applied for a postal vote in his name.,,19809-1600 918,00.html

Voting fraud exposed in Bethnal Green and Bow

New postal vote safeguards urged
Postal votes were requested by around five million voters
Election watchdogs have demanded new safeguards to prevent postal voting fraud which they say has undermined confidence in the electoral system. rontpage/4520893.stm

Of course, they'll pretend to be concerned about the NEXT election, and leave this one be ...

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