Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bear Mountain Tree-Sit Under Threat

May 31, 2007
URGENT: Langford Lake Cave

I have made several calls around including Golder, the archaeology group that is doing the AIA's for the area - recently heard they are doing a Traditional Use Study on the cave in early June with a few Songhees and Esquimalt Elders. They are doing this on behalf of the City of Langford. Anyways, I was told by a representative from Golder that they weren't aware of this but would follow up on it. He just called back to let me know they are suppose to be putting a gate on the second entrance of the cave. Also the City of Langford will be contacting the Songhees Chief to discuss this more.

Sigh! The way I see it there has been no discussion with all the nations involved including nations that didn't sign on to the AIP and working group. There is no signs of various levels of government looking to protect indigenous sites or indigenous rights; no true intent. Sound familiar? On the issue of the gate, what would they need all the equipment, generator and crew to put a gate on the site? They could do more damage to the cave. Even if it was agreed to by political leaders they don't have indigenous people or archaeologists on site. Typing fast and out loud here, I am just hearing the news and passing it along. I will keep you informed the best I can. I have to go.


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