Thursday, January 08, 2009


Israel Ignores Security Council Ceasefire Resolution...
by C. L. Cook

Former Bush point man at the United Nations, John Bolton famously opined, ten-stories from the U. N. could go without effecting that organization's global effectiveness. Today, Israel is proving Bolton more conservative than even he could imagine.

Whilst even its most ardent supporters in Washington waiver, and an abstention is the most Israel received from the U.S. in the "security council" yesterday, the bombing continued overnight over Gaza. With an apparent thumb in the eye to the entire world, the Israeli military has yet to slow the onslaught.

Racing to reach the 1000 killed outright mark in captive Gaza, the IDF seems grimly determined to make of Operation Cast Lead an intransigent tread mark, scarring permanently the people, a gaping milestone of the long trudge to justice life in Palestine has been these last sixty years. Already its damage is called "unprecedented" in that long benighted land.

And now the world waits.

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