Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Typhoon Headed for Fukushima

Monster typhoon nears Japan — Forecast shows storm to hit Fukushima Sunday (MAPS & VIDEO)

by ENE News

Watch a compilation of forecasts here

PhysOrg, Sept. 28: NASA sees super Typhoon Jelawat Affecting Japan [...] Super Typhoon Jelawat is a large and powerful storm that has been bringing very rough seas to areas in the western North Pacific. NASA’s Terra satellite passed over the monster storm and captured a visible image as it nears the big island of Japan [See Bottom].

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog, Sept. 28: The models are in close agreement that Jelawat will pass over or very close to Okinawa, Japan, as a Category 2 or 3 typhoon on Saturday, between 03 – 06 UTC. Jelawat could hit the main island of Honshu in Japan as a tropical storm or Category 1 typhoon on Sunday.

Top Left: Location of Fukushima Daiichi; Top Right: Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast; Bottom: NASA