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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Tim Anderson, Krista Roessingh, Janine Bandcroft Mar. 25, 2015

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by C. L. Cook - Gorilla-Radio.com

Stephen Harper stood before Canada's parliament yesterday to present a motion to both extend the duration of the country's "mission" in Iraq beyond the six months previously promised, and to expand the scope of Canadian Forces war-making beyond the borders of Iraq into Syria, belying a second promise previously made when seeking the House's blessings last year.

The prime minister explained the turnaround, saying; “ISIL’s fighters and much of its heavier equipment are moving freely across the Iraqi border into Syria, in part for better protection against our airstrikes.”

Among the many things left out of Mr. Harper's motion was the provenance of that equipment.

Listen. Hear.

Last month, Iraq's government announced the shoot down of British planes full of military gear; gear destined not for "our" allies but for the same "ISIL" Harper would have us dedicate more blood and treasure to defeat.

It's a complex situation, made moreso for parliamentarians on both sides of the aisle, and Canadians generally, because they and we don't have the information needed to make rational decisions. But, faith trumps knowledge every time for the current government.

Tim Anderson is a an Australian solidarity activist and academic at the University of Sydney. He studied economic development, human rights, and self-determination in the Asia-Pacific region and in Latin America. He studied in Cuba, publishes essays, produces videos, and works on solidarity campaigns with the people of Cuba. His latest articles, published at Global Research, explore the complex web of local and international interests at play in Syria and Iraq conflict.

Tim Anderson in the first half.

And; many British Columbians remember the 'War in the Woods,' a watershed moment in the long struggle to protect the province's ecological viability. Today, in Area 7, the Department of Oceans and Fisheries designation for the waters off the Great Bear Rainforest, in Heiltsuk territory, another such moment may be taking place, with a Tribal Council order to halt the commercial herring roe kill-fishery.

Krista Rossingh is media liaison with PacificWild.org, the Denny Island-based environmental organization dedicated to, "Defend wildlife and their habitat on Canada's Pacific coast."

Taking to the water to protect herring stocks in the second half. 

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with some of what's good to do in and around our town, and beyond there too, in the coming week. But first, Tim Anderson and getting behind the "official truth" of the Syria/Iraq conflict.
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