Friday, April 17, 2015

Stopping Bill C-51 - Canada Gets Nation-Wide in Opposition to Police-State Bill

Victoria Day of Action Against Bill C-51

 by Stop Bill C-51

Bill C-51 is coming up for its third and final vote in the House of Commons when Parliament resumes on April 20th.

Saturday April 18 at 12 Noon
Millie's Lane 
(Yates Street, between Douglas and Blanshard)

Listen. Hear.

We're having another Canada-wide Day of Action on April 18th, with the Victoria event beginning in Millie's Lane, right next to Odeon Alley, on Yates St. (between Douglas and Blanshard). We will meet here at Noon and from there we will be going to Centennial Square where we will have a Block (C-51) Party! Join us for speakers, updates and rallying!

Last month saw a beautiful day of solidarity across the entire country. Victoria's turnout was well over 2000 people - a massive accomplishment for a city its size.

In the wake of the Day of Action, amendments started being made, as people hit the streets and stood in solidarity with each other against the government's proposed "Anti-Terrorism" legislation ? which threatens the rights and freedoms of all in Canada. Politicians were forced to listen up. Liberal support for the Bill started wavering. We are so close!

United, we can defeat this.

On April 18th, join in solidarity with people across Canada in a family-friendly, peaceful demonstration for our democratic rights.

For further information, contact us:
Twitter: @StopC51Victoria

Join the event on Facebook

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