Monday, May 04, 2015

Standing Between Cowards and Canada's Dwindling Wildlife

A Day at Eucott Bay

by Ingmar Lee

Krista, our 4-year-old Zephyr, and I just got back from sailing up to Eucott Bay Hot Springs. As soon as we'd, we anchored next to the boat, "Nekhani" and jumped in our skiff to row over to the hotspring. Krista says to me, "why are those people in the Nekhani all dressed in camo?"

I was like, "I dunno..." and didn't think much of it.

It was a gorgeous day and other boatloads of tourists were frolicking in the bay. As soon as we get into the hot tub, we see the camo folk jump in their skiff and head to the opposite shore. Then we notice a large Black bear boar come onto the tidal flat opposite and start eating grass. Holy shit, K says, they're going to murder that bear right in front of us, so she runs down and jumps in the skiff and rows over there.

On the beach, between the bear and the "hunters" she meets Shannon Ellis of Bella Coola Grizzly Tours (which says nothing at all about filmed, guided bear-killing "adventures" on their website) packing a rifle, and two cameramen with large over-the-shoulder video cams and some other dude and asks them what they're doing.

Ellis says they're going to kill the bear and is Krista going to interfere with their "hunt?" (The "hunters" have not even walked 10 meters from their skiff and the habituated bear is slowly ambling towards them eating grass).

Ellis threatens to call the C/O on account of having their "hunt" disrupted. Krista says she is going to take pictures of the bear and heads off towards the bear. Then Ellis, in a fit of petulant pique, fires off her gun towards Krista ( I could see the smoke trail from the shot) and then the Nekhani, with notorious Grizzly trophy killer, Leonard Ellis at the wheel pulls up the anchor, the skiff picks the cowards up off the beach, and they all fuck off.

I guess we spoiled Shannon Ellis $50,000 video shoot of the wanton slaughter of a beautiful bear in what would be a national park in any other non-Stephen Harper country.

If you're willing to pay $4.99 you can see video of Shannon Ellis "killing her first Black bear" on MOTV; so clearly, killing bears on video is how she makes her living.

Sorry to put the location in with this sad story about the very dregs of humanity, but no doubt, with cowardly assholes like Leonard and Shannon Ellis out there going after sitting-duck bears like that, there's no hope for him...

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