Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Calls for Support of the Marianne Crew, Pirated and Held by Israel

Dear Friends of SJS; Victoria Friends of Cuba calls for your support

by Victoria Friends of Cuba/Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

Friends, late Sunday, June 28 a flotilla of four boats carrying humanitarian aid making their way towards Gaza was illegally stopped when Israeli Naval Forces forced their way onto the leading boat the Marianne of Gothenburg.


12 noon Wednesday, July 1

Government & Belleville, Victoria
(kitty-corner from the Legislature at the Emily Carr statue)

Various reports state that the Marianne seized by Israeli Forces has been towed to the port of Ashdod while the three remaining boats turned back.

At least two Canadians, Kevin Neish from Victoria, who many of us know and Robert Lovelace from the Ardoch Algonquin Nation of Ontario were among 20 others on the Marianne. There has been no contact with the people that were on board of the Marianne. We do not know what their conditions are or how they
are being treated.

The boats were in international waters, broke no international laws and were on a humanitarian mission. This is another act of aggression and piracy on the part of Israel that has been imposing an illegal, immoral and
genocidal blockade on the people of Gaza. We demand that they are all released at once so they can carry on their humanitarian mission.

We will hold our banners and distribute leaflets informing people of this Israeli inhumane act. We must demand the immediate release and freedom of all flotilla participants and boat so they can continue their delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

We appeal to all of us to contact our Members of Parliament and government officials to demand the freedom of the flotilla from Israeli piracy.

Victoria Friends of Cuba
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

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