Sunday, June 28, 2015

#NextPortGaza Kevin Neish

 #NextPortGaza Kevin Neish from the Freedom Flotilla boats

 by Gaza Freedom Flotilla

For the people of #Gaza today, the situation really is no better than it was at the end of the war. Freedom Flotilla III will try to get to Gaza to attempt to break the illegal and inhuman blockade of the strip.

The 'Marianne' fishing boat departed from Gothenburg (Sweeden) the 10th of May, and stoped in the Swedish ports of Malmö and Helsingborg, before reaching the ports of Copenhagen (Denmark), Kiel (Germany), Brest (France), Bueu (Galicia), Lisbon (Portugal), Motril (Spain), Palermo and Mesina (Italy), and Athens (Greece). After this solidarity, 3 more boats are accompanying 'Marianne' in its way to Gaza port.

Freedom Flotilla is a joint international peaceful, nonviolent action from civil society. More than 50 people, including politicians, human rights activists, university professors, journalists and even a member of Knéset (Israeli Parliament), of 20 countries from all around the world. The boats are loaded with: solar panels, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and paintings of Sicilian children for the children of Gaza.

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