Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Seeing" the Hearings: Law students launch Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion evidence website

Law students launch Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion evidence website

by Access KMX Info

June 18, 2015

BRITISH COLUMBIA - A group of law students has launched a website to make evidence submitted in the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion review process more accessible to citizens (see AccessKMXinfo.com).

"We are doing this to open up the review process. Although the National Energy Board's process is open to the public, it is not easy to navigate," said Adam Cembrowski, University of Alberta law student.

"Our website looks to improve upon this, letting people easily find and view the actual evidence submitted to the NEB - and make up their own minds about the project."

"Given the evidence submitted, which suggests the project could impact our economy, our communities, and the environment, we wanted to ensure that members of the public could easily find, review and share that

AccessKMXinfo.com has organized evidence summaries into eight categories:

  • Oil Spills
  • Hazards and Dangers
  • Human Health
  • Economy
  • Earthquake Risks
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Indigenous Evidence
  • Wildlife

Intervenors in the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion review process are also invited to submit summaries of their evidence for inclusion on the website. This may be done here: Accesskmxinfo.com/submit-evidence/

"The environmental assessment process was established to include public participation as a vital component, But this requires the public be able to find and understand the evidence," said Erin Gray, an articled law student involved in the project.

"The AccessKMXinfo website seeks to help with that, allowing citizens to engage fully in the decision-making process."


For more information, please contact:

Adam Cembrowski, Law Student

Erin Gray, Articled Law Student

The press release is also at this link:

Thank you,
Erin Gray
J.D., University of Victoria
B.Des. Hons, Ryerson University

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