Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Trans Canada Pipeline Arms Up at Unistoten Camp: Mercenaries in Helicopters Land at Blockade

Trans Canada Pipeline Developments brings in Goons

by Rhyno

Camp Update: A helicopter crew with ex-military security has landed in the territory. The TransCanada Pipeline crew indicated to the land defenders that they were aware that the Unistoten were busy dealing with the ceremonies surrounding the funerary arrangements.

They came in and landed less than 1 km from a "No PIPELINES" banner on the logging road. They told the land defenders they will leave when they are finished their work.

They were held up for a considerable amount of time as the land defenders gathered beneath the helicopter until they were able to contact Freda.

If you are interested in helping out ASAP,
please contact: www.wildcoast.ca

Also, please step up the actions against this pathological company in all of their offices and places of infrastructure.

One thing I would add having been up at camp this morning is that if anyone has access to an ATV or 4x4 vehicle that could be mobilized to the camp, it could be greatly used to help track down helicopters in the
back of the territory.

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