Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why Was BC's Agricultural Land Commission Chair Fired?

Shameful Firing of Bullock, Chair of BC's Agricultural Land Commission

by Farmland Protection Coalition

To Farmland Protection Coalition supporters,

It is spring, heading into a summer, the busiest season in farming, and yet again events affecting BC farmland are happening.

It is no coincidence that just before the Victoria Day long weekend, the BC Liberal government acted, making media coverage very slim of Richard Bullock, Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) being fired before his term was up without due cause.

CBC Radio did two very illuminating interviews with Richard Bullock since his termination:

The CBC Daybreak Kelowna interview, “’They screwed this organization badly,’ says former ALC chair Richard Bullock.”

The BC Almanac (Vancouver) interview, which brings out Richard Bullock’s view of the B.C. Cabinet’s removal of a vast area of Peace River ALR farmland for Site C dam as “a sin against humanity.”

Richard Bullock, in spite of a toxic political environment, was and continues to be, a powerful voice for protecting OUR farmlands throughout BC! Let's continue to thank him and show our continuing SUPPORT by signing the Thank You Richard Bullock card so you too can help his resolve to continue to speak out for the ALR as new threats arise. As you sign, be aware that Mr. Bullock is attentive to every name and location and comment included on the card.

Changes, in the form of the new regulations are coming soon, from Bill 24, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act. Farmland defenders do not expect those changes to be positive. The new government regulations are expected to approve of nonfarming activities, even those in direct opposition to farming, will be allowed on ALR lands, especially those lands that are the majority of the ALR now contained in the new large more northerly Zone 2.

The timing of the removal of Richard Bullock as ALC Chair was probably intended to silence him on the upcoming new regulations. And the ALC was kept silent and unconsulted on the vast removal of ALR lands for the now approved Site C dam.

These actions, and many others, have shown just how directed the attacks are on the ALR and agriculture in BC.

STAY TUNED, we know that more changes are coming!

We will not be silent and we will fight, along side Richard Bullock, and other outspoken farmland defenders, to preserve OUR FARMLAND for NOW and for future generations!

FPC volunteers

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