Thursday, December 10, 2015

Canada Copping Out at COP

The Canadian Environment Minister's Cop-Out at COP21


In Paris COP 21, or what we here at the Real News is now calling COPOUT 21, is on its tenth day now. Today another draft of the agreement was released, and you will find our review of the previous draft with Dimitri on our site under the Global Warning tab. That's right, Global Warning tab. And today Dimitri's going to be talking about something quite different, which is Canada. But we will review the latest draft that was released today tomorrow morning with Dimitri, and we'll have that available for you. But today with us again is Dimitri Lascaris, and he's going to take a closer look at Canada's presence.

Dimitri is a good person to do that, because when he's not doing this he is a [in aud.] class action lawyer with Siskinds in Canada, and he ran as a candidate for the Green Party, and he's also a serving member of the Real News Network board.

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