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Garzon Considers Stopping ISIS Financial Flows Crucial

Baltasar Garzon Considers Stopping ISIS Financial Flows Crucial

by Sandra Finley - The Battles

What is the importance of Garzon’s recent statement it's,
crucial that the financial and arms flows to ISIL be investigated“ ?

Two excerpts from 2015-11-22 Offshore Banking and ISIS.
The flow of money and weapons to ISIS is unlikely to be stopped because it would mean shutting down the offshore banking of the elites.
(causes of terrorism) Universally, the outcomes (of American interference in resource-rich countries to ensure access of American corporations to cheap oil, copper, labour, land, … ) are corruption of governance, the siphoning off of resource revenues, impoverishment of local people, poisoning of their environments, mobilization of local freedom fighters determined to protect their families and their land, growth of military – – “terrorism”.

Garzon is savvy. Behind his call for an investigation into where the money for ISIS is coming from (wow!):

2015-08-20 Spain’s campaigning judge, Baltasar Garzon, seeks change in law to prosecute global corporations. The Guardian


… the idea that economic and environmental crimes be considered crimes against humanity, akin to torture or genocide …

. . . This latest initiative will likely face serious political obstacles as well, said Garzón. “The problems will come when this initiative affects powerful countries, such as the United States, China or Israel,” he said. “But little by little the path will be paved.”

Garzon offers a non-violent tool for achieving the impossible. “Terrorism” will continue to grow unless we stop the appropriation of resources that do not belong to us, the destruction of other people’s environment and governance systems. Garzon’s proposal addresses the “at root” causes of terrorism.

His dogged determination means we have a torch to follow.

The following indicates Baltasar Garzon could use help spreading his message.

Blows my mind:

Media coverage of Garzon’s “crucial that the financial and arms flows to ISIL be investigated” will mention his past work for international justice. It will NOT mention his pursuit through the courts of “The Bush Six“. The picture painted: Garzon has pursued these bad guys in the world (e.g. Pinochet) and the gaping hole in the picture must be maintained – – do NOT indicate ANYTHING about his work that might cast us in a bad light.

Often, on-line “Comments” will point out such serious omissions. In this case they are critical for understanding why Garzon lost his judgeship in Spain, for one thing. I did a quick scroll-through of Comments and found not a peep about Garzon’s efforts vis-a-vis “The Bush Six”. But I suppose, the Commenters can’t see our own role, they are informed by the media and the media won’t mention it.

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Solidarity with the Warriors
Baltasar Garzon

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2015-02-07 Russia leads initiative at UN to stop the flow of money to ISIS

You can bet that the propaganda machines are revving into high gear. There will be character assassinations of Russia, along with Garzon and Prime Minister J Trudeau who has mandated his Minister Responsible for Canada Revenue to work with the international community to shut down the illegal activity in the offshore banking of the elites. (see 2015-11-22 Offshore Banking and ISIS)

Any bets on whether the U.S. signs onto any UN initiatives to investigate offshore banking?

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