Saturday, January 09, 2016

This Can Keep Happening! (with your help): ThisCantBeHappening! Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Three-two-one blast off! ThisCantBeHappening! Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds to Support Investigative Reporting on the Site

by The TCBH! Collective

January 9, 2016

We're off and running with a fund-raiser on Indiegogo [1] aimed at raising $50,000 to support our site and the hard-hitting reporting we do here to get out the truth that the rest of the media ignore, cover-up, or misreport.

We're hoping everyone who reads this site will visit our Indiegogo page [1] and make a contribution, or whatever amount you can afford, and that you will help our fund-raiser go viral by sending a link to everyone you know.

Where else can you read about the real reason the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates [2] (hint: it's not, as claimed, for fear of rampaging inflation, or to "reassure" investors).

Where else could you read that the FBI knew about a well-developed plot, possibly by Houston Police or by private security people hired by Houston's oil and banking industries, to murder Occupy Houston leaders [3] with "suppressed sniper fire," and that the bureau did nothing to stop it, and never made any arrests?

Where else can you learn how Israel's IDF, in commandeering a peace flotilla ship heading for Gaza, murdered a 19-year-old US citizen [4], and that the Obama White House, instead of protesting, hid from the US public a report by the Turkish Forensics Society. delivered by the Turkish US embassy, detailing how the unarmed youth was murdered [5] by shots to the head?

What other US news organization has the distinction of having been labeled a "threat" by the US Department of Homeland Security [6] -- a testimonial to our aggressive reporting on that agency's and the FBI's role in orchestrating the brutal crushing of the 2011 Occupy movement? Indeed, here's what Homeland Security wrote in a memo to 72 so-called Fusion Centers about our reporting on their nefarious role in crushing a legitimate protest movement:

“Although at this time these reference to fusion centers and Occupy seems [sic] to be compartmentalized I wanted to make you aware of these references in case the national news media begins [sic] speculating about fusion center involvement.”

That's high praise for us, and about as good a reason as one could find for supporting this site, because the sad truth is that the "national news media" never did report on the federal government's central role in crushing Occupy protests nationwide, nor did the national news media ever report on our being labeled a "threat" to "national security" for doing so.

We're not asking for a lot. We often have 50,000 readers of this site, so if even a fraction of you were to pony up $5 or $10 or $20, we'd reach our goal.

Why do we need money? We've been writing original journalism for this site now for almost five years, and doing it for nothing. Our donations come to just a few thousand bucks a year, which goes mostly for costs like travel, web hosting, and the like. We aren't paid anything for what we do.

That means that we all have to do our ThisCantBeHappening! work in the spare time we can find when we're not trying to earn a living at our "day jobs."

If we can raise this money in the current Indiegogo campaign, that will change. We'll be able to dedicate time to our ThisCantBeHappening! reporting, and we guarantee that you will immediately notice the change.

So please contribute to our campaign [1], and even more important, send a note to everyone you know linking to our site, and urging them to support us and to spread the word.

Thank you from all of us!

The TCBH! Collective: Linn Washington, John Grant,
Dave Lindorff, Gary Lindorff, Jess Guh, Alfredo Lopez,
Lori Spencer and the late but ever-present Charles M. Young


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