Thursday, March 17, 2016

Not Going Down Without a Fight, SITE C Hunger Strikers Vows to Starve for the Peace River Valley


by Kristin Henry

March 17, 2016

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Kristin Henry is now on day 5 of her hunger strike. She is beginning to feel the mental and physical effects of having not eaten for the better part of the week. She remains strong in her demands for the halt of the Site C Dam Project in the Peace River Valley.

We at the camp request that the public of B.C. hold Prime Minister Trudeau accountable to his commitment to repair relationships with First Nations, and to move towards truly green and sustainable energy for Canada by not issuing more permits for the project and requiring the project go for further review with the BCUC before any more of its destruction continues.

The camp and supporters around Kristin have been slowly growing. With three more tents and tarps up for protection from the wind and rain. Tonight there will be 5 women staying in the camp, with more expected this coming weekend.

Yesterday, the women of the camp welcomed a man into the camp as he has taken on a hunger strike in solidarity with Kristin. Sage Birley is a farmer from the Peace River Valley who has been active in voicing his opposition to the project. Sage's reason for joining the strike is:

"I grew up under the impression that people in the south didn’t care about the struggles faced by people in the North East of the province. But my perspective was shifted visiting Vancouver when I found out Kristin Henry was willing to go on a hunger strike to stop the Site C Dam.
"As a farmer in the Peace River Region I know first hand the value of the land in the Peace River valley and the potential it has to feed one million people while creating long-term sustainable jobs. The unique conditions of the Peace River Valley such as it’s alluvial soil and superior micro climate make it the Northeast’s only chance at food security. If we throw away this incredible valley for a few short term jobs and power that BC Hydro has failed to prove we need; we are missing the opportunity to invest in food, a commodity that will only continue to increase in value.
"I have been so inspired by the work that the incredible women who have set up this camp have done. So in an expression of my own support and gratitude, and with their permission, I will be spending 3 days participating in the Hunger Strike.
"If someone I had previously never met is willing to go without food to protect the food security of the Peace Region then it is time for me to do my part. It’s time to stand in solidarity to halt the Site C Dam so we can feed our communities and so we can all have food on our plates."


Amy Widmer
Sage Birley

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