Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shaw Cable Cancels Program that Suggested RCMP Faked 'Terror Attack'

Shaw Cable Cancels Program that Suggested RCMP Faked 'Terror Attack' in Victoria BC and Worked with Media to Blame Muslim Canadians

by Jack Etkin (former host of Citizens Forum) - The Bridge News Service

April 13, 2016

"The way I see it is the Harper government and the RCMP and CSIS conspired ... and the media - for the most part the media played this straight - conspired to create a kind of terrorist incident where no terrorist situation would ever have happened ... without the RCMP, CSIS, and the Harper government being involved and ... using that story to spread a negative feeling about Muslim people and also to create fear and anger"

These are the words I said on our program that Shaw won't allow.

Shaw Cable refuses to air a Community Television program suggesting the RCMP and the Government of Canada faked a terror bombing in Victoria BC in 2013 and then - with the Corporate Media used the incident to create a backlash against Muslim Canadians and create divisions in Canadian society.

These are serious allegations to make against the government, police, and media - to say that they faked a bombing and then put the blame on a community of people that had nothing to do with it ... but I think that's exactly what happened. The Media put a lot of blame on Muslims for this phony attack - and Shaw participated in that. But when I said what seems to be true - based on the evidence - Shaw refused to air it and then canceled our program.

Here is the background story: The RCMP targeted a couple in their 30's who were poor, troubled and heavily drug involved. And they had 'become Muslim'. By the time the RCMP 'op' was finished, the couple were on video planting bombs at the BC Legislature on Canada Day. They have been in jail ever since for something that NEVER would have happened without the RCMP setting it up. They even feared the RCMP would kill them if they didn't plant the bombs. A BC Judge is looking into the issue of 'entrapment' by the RCMP.

So, based on that story, Canada's Media linked Muslim Canadians to the 'terror bombing' over and over again, and really smeared Canada's Muslim community. And the media told us we really need Bill C51 ... to help stop this 'homegrown terrorism. (See Calgary Herald story below).

But the evidence suggests the Harper Government and the RCMP ran a false flag operation and used it to target Muslim Canadians, and that's what I said. Shaw refused to show that, but it's fine for the media to say 'the Muslims did it'.

Divide and Conquer is an old and effective trick. That's what I think we are seeing here, the deliberate creation of fear and division in our society by our senior politicians, the national police, and the media. If that's true - if they are doing that to us - then our country is in real danger - from our own Corporate and Political leadership.

And it shows how much Canada needs a media that is independent of Corporate ownership and control. These kinds of things could not happen if we had an honest media. And our leaders trick us and manipulate us all the time. This attack is just one example.

Why would our leaders fake a terrorist attack and then put the blame on an entire community of innocent people. And why won't Shaw allow that to be said? These are important questions that demand answers.

Community Television is regulated by the CRTC. The Minister is Melanie Joly:
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Here (at 5:40) is what Shaw would not allow:

Here is a Calgary Herald story about 'the bombing':

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