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Lockheed Martin, Militarized Economy and Canada's New Census

Lockheed Martin, War Economy, StatsCan, Charter Right Privacy, Trial 

by Sandra Finley - The Battles

The collection of information about Lockheed Martin Corporation was prompted by their involvement in the Canadian Census beginning around 2003. Lockheed Martin is influential in the American Pentagon, the war department.

Lockheed Martin’s participation in Statistics Canada continues. Data collection on individuals increases year-after-year through relentless StatsCan Surveys. (The “Census long form” became the expanded National Household Survey. In January 2016 under the Liberal Government it is set to revert to its former mandatory Census long form status.)

It is not wise for the American military through Lockheed Martin Corporation to have access, because of the Patriot Act, to a comprehensive data base on Canadian citizens.

UPDATE: The validity of these statements is reinforced by the leaks by Edward Snowden about NSA surveillance. Lockheed Martin works with the NSA. A specialty of LM is surveillance. … the articles to support my statements are on this blog. The NSA / FBI does not even need the Patriot Act – if not front-door access, they install back-door access to data bases. Which also opens up the data base to hackers – – they use the same “back-door”.

2016-04-03 (A primer on the 2016 Census) Response to Interview of Chief Statistician, Wayne Smith. CBC
2016-03-18 Does Lockheed Martin Corp have a role in the 2016 Census?

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Do Canadians have a CHARTER RIGHT TO PRIVACY of personal information? . . . in theory, in political and legal rhetoric, the answer is “yes”. But see the LEGAL ARGUMENT. In practice, the answer is “only if citizens stand up and fight to keep it”.

Do not rely on Governments and the Courts to defend the Charter Right. The LEGAL ARGUMENT discusses what the law says and how it has been applied by the Courts in this instance.

The debacle at StatsCan since 2003 has spawned the following summaries:
More concise argument? (conversation with JoAnne)
THE MOST IMPORTANT ARGUMENT The role of mechanized census data in Nazi Europe.
StatsCan Surveys, Complaint to the Privacy Commissioner

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2015-11-09 Letter to Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould. Census long form. Protect Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

The Liberal election platform and Prime Minister J Trudeau’s support for a mandatory census long form

does not factor in

the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

And is in serious conflict with Trudeau’s statements in support of Charter Rights.

From the Response and Reply with the Office of the Attorney General (found near the bottom of the above link):

Liberal Commitment to the Charter of Rights and Freedom

Prime Minister J Trudeau mandated Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould (Attorney General):

… You are expected to ensure that the rights of Canadians are protected, that our work demonstrates the greatest possible commitment to respecting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that our government seeks to fulfill our policy goals with the least interference with the rights and privacy of Canadians as possible.

Prime Minister J Trudeau recognizes the value of Charter Rights, he writes in his book, “Common Ground” 2014:

(p. 192) “I know that everyone in this room supports our Charter of Rights,” I told the crowd. “It’s the document that forms the basis of the rights we all enjoy … The Charter of Rights protects freedoms for everyone. You can’t pick and choose the rights you want to keep and leave behind the ones you don’t like.”

(p. 184) I reminded them that it had been twenty-five years since my father had given Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, one of the most valued tools the world has even seen for ensuring the protection and full exercise of human rights. “Now we are all children of that Charter,’ I said.

As I said, the commitment to a mandatory census long form is in serious conflict with the above statements regarding devotion to Charter Rights and specifically the Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

“In fostering the underlying values of dignity, integrity and autonomy, it is fitting that s. 8 of the Charter should seek to protect a biographical core of personal information which individuals in a free and democratic society would wish to maintain and control from dissemination to the state.”

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The following paragraph is from the MORAL argument (Can you have a moral nation without a moral people?)

CONSIDER: A group of people get together under a corporate name. They commit highly unlawful acts, have a long list of court convictions, and have not been tried for all their crimes.

They come to Canada and are not only immune from the laws of our land, but they also receive billions of our tax dollars.

You will find the MORAL argument a worthwhile read.

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See the RATIONAL argument . I think we’re crazy to involve the American War Department in any way, in detailed files on citizens. . . . .

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Resistance to Lockheed Martin’s participation in the Canadian Federal bureaucracy is strengthened by resistance to their involvement in Canadian Universities and other institutions.

I need to break out a new Category. The related postings are scattered under Lockheed Martin (Peace or Violence?) and Take Back the University (Knowledge Base).

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The issue is much more than census & survey contracts

Scroll through the information under the Category (right-hand sidebar) “Peace or violence“, sub-category “Lockheed Martin…”. Quislings in Government are giving away Canadian sovereignty and have been for many years.
There is increasing militarization.
This is all in an era of Resource depletion (water in USA)
The military-industrial corporatocracy is being duplicated in Canada. See the “Canada First Defence Strategy” and “offset agreements“. It is financed by citizens (tax dollars), the same as in the U.S.

Do not take my word for anything.

Understand what Lockheed Martin Corporation does in the world. See the video, an interview with William Hartung, author of “Prophets of War, Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military Industrial Complex“, book launched in January 2011.

Understand the census contracts for Lockheed Martin Corporation IN CONTEXT. (Warning. this is a long document in need of edit. Sorry.) 2010-07-16 CHRONOLOGY: the involvement of the American military in the Canadian census set in the larger CONTEXT of American military intrusion into Canadian affairs.

“Lockheed” under “Categories” also contains a record of growing and successful resistance. Lockheed Martin, like others of their ilk, will eventually fall.

Canadians have a choice: do we want an economy that is dependent upon the waging of war, as is the American economy? If we don’t, then we’d better take action.

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One of Lockheed Martin’s sub-contractors in the StatsCan work is IBM.

The “legal argument” is different from how the law works in the real world. See Lockheed Martin CENSUS: What a riot!.

Oct 2013: LM now has a woman at the helm – Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed’s CEO and president. The other person we have paid attention to is Ron Covais, “President of the Americas for Lockheed Martin”. You’ll find his name in some postings.

Experience of other Canadians:

2.1 With StatsCan and the Census (2006, 2011)

Don’t know what to do about the census (or StatsCan surveys)? What’s happening to other people? some actual questions and answers might be helpful. The overflow is at: 2011-07-13

2.2 With StatsCan Surveys (on-going)

Are StatsCan “surveys” mandatory? (scroll down to the Comments at the bottom)

2.3 With the Privacy Commissioner

StatsCan Surveys, Complaint to the Privacy Commissioner (scroll down to the Comments at the bottom)

3. Common Misconception: “But Lockheed Martin will never have access to the actual data base … ??” See 2011-05-28 Census: Elizabeth asks What is Lockheed Martin’s actual role?

UPDATE: I need to insert a link to the leaks by Edward Snowden. They will remove any doubt anyone might have. (“Search” my blog for “Snowden”.)

4. Common Misconception: “The information is all aggregate. Individuals cannot be identified…??”. Not true. The data base on citizens at Statistics Canada has individual names as of the 2006 Census, according to the testimony of StatsCan (Anil Arora who headed the Census operation) at my trial. Also for example, one of the questions is “What is the name of your employer?”.

5. Officials responsible, Government of Canada, for census contracts with Lockheed Martin Corporation (American military).

6. DETAILED INFORMATION (articles that support the summarized statements): go to the right-hand sidebar, to “Categories”. Find “Peace or Violence”. Click on “Lockheed Martin . . . “.


Canadian Census:

Don Rogers’ Count Me Out blog: http://www.countmeout.ca/

UK Census (also Lockheed Martin)

Count Me Out, UK Census
http://www.resistradio.com/updates/census-2011-an-army-of-enforcers (This gives concern.)

Click on http://www.youtube.com/ . Then “search” on ” UK Census Lockheed “. You’ll find lots of videos, generated by Lockheed’s involvement, with words like:

Don’t comply, here’s why
Don’t fill it in
Census burning

Irish Census


American Census

There’s information on my blog included in the articles under Categories / Peace or War / Lockheed Martin (righthand sidebar).

Americans are much more in the dark about Lockheed Martin’s involvement in their Census Bureau.

Understandable, given my experience with the NY Times reporting of the resistance in Canada. They clearly and deliberately edited out the name “Lockheed Martin” (I was interviewed and supplied the information to the Reporter.)

“a small number of people refused to fill out (the Canadian) census forms. But they were protesting the use of an American technology contractor.”

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