Thursday, August 25, 2016

Turkish Escalation in Syria Precipitates Broader Conflict with Kurds

Turkey's Incursion into Syria Will Escalate Conflict with the Kurds


August 24, 2016

ISIS is likely to retaliate with terrorist attacks in Turkey, says Trent University professor Baris Karaagac 


On Wednesday, Turkish tanks crossed into northern Syria alongside Turkish-backed Syrian rebels in a bid to push the Islamic State out of the border town of Jarabulus. A Reuters reporter at the scene witnessed intense bombardments, with [palls] of black smoke rising around the town. Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan said the operation was targeting the Islamic State and the Kurdish PYD, Democratic Union Party, whose gains in northern Syria have alarmed Turkey. Ankara views PYD as an extension of Kurdish militants fighting an insurgency on its own soil, putting it at odds with Washington, which sees the group as an ally in the fight against the Islamic State.


Baris Karaagac is a lecturer in International Development Studies at Trent 
University, in Ontario. He is also the editor of the book Accumulations, 
Crises and Struggles: Capital and Labour in Contemporary Capitalism.

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