Thursday, October 13, 2016

As Predicted, Oil Tanker Tug Nathan E. Stewart Runs Aground Off Great Bear Rainforest

Petroleum Tanker "Nathan E Stewart" Run Aground in Seaforth Channel 

by Ingmar Lee - 10,000 Ton Tanker

Breaking News! The Texas-based ATB 10,000 dwt petroleum tanker, "Nathan E Stewart" has run aground in Seaforth Channel, at Gale Passage, about 1 mile due south of Ivory Island lighthouse.

The CCG vessel, Cape St James is on scene. As this horrific, dreadful and all but predictable story develops, I will keep you posted.

Latest: The CCG vessel "John P Tully" is now en route, loaded with slick cleaning material. The "Nathan E Stewart" is now reportedly taking on water..I'll be headed out at first light.

UPDATE: Well the Kinder Morgan-owned " Western Canada Marine Response Corporation, aka WCMRC aka BurrardClean (Kinder Morgan 50%, the rest of the shares by Chevron, Imperial Oil, Suncor and Shell) has finally arrived on the scene of the wreckage about 18 hours after the tug/barge mated unit (they ride doggy-style) first went aground early this morning. WCMRC is much touted by the pro-tanker lobbyists such as Krusty Klaque and ilk as being " Canada's "World Class" marine response service. Reports say that the Nathan E Stewart has now separated from the barge and has sunk to the bottom of Seaforth Channel, from where it will never be resurrected. I'm sure we will now be hearing dutiful corporate media reports about how the wonderful WCMRC, - which has a monopoly mandate to control oil spill response for the ENTIRE BC coast- has cleaned everything up and environmental damage is minimal " because diesel simply evaporates into the environment." (We will be sure to hear BC Green Party leader, and BC Liberal imposter, Andrew Weaver parroting that lie.) We don't know the fate of the barge "DBL 55" yet, although the Canadian tug, "Haisea Guardian" which had a cable attached to the barge earlier in the day, can now be seen on AIS moving slowly away from the scene...

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