Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Following the Story: How to Cover (Up) An Oil Spill

What's the CBC Coverage Frame?

by Ingmar Lee

Denny Island - What is the coverage frame that CBC and the corporate media is putting out?

"...crews placed a 2nd boom around the tug..." "...crews pumped off another 10,000 gallons..." "... WCMRC delivered another barge load of absorbent pads..." "...Kirby kicked in $250,000..." "...everybody's working together..."

The coverage is ALL focused on the bogus "clean-up," and if errors are mentioned, then they are to do with WCMRC lag time in arriving on scene, or how heavy seas and weather are breaking up the booms, -or the heroic actions of people out on the beaches with the frame that, if only WCMRC had been right there, had seaworthy booms right on scene immediately, then all would have been well.

They are deliberately spinning the Big Oil line that spills at sea CAN be cleaned up, mitigation IS possible, if only our "world class" response regime functioned properly..

What is NOT at all being mentioned by CBC, or even questioned, is:

WHY THE FUCK IS THIS IDIOTIC, DANGEROUS, INSANE TRAFFIC HAPPENING IN THE FIRST PLACE, and why the fuck are the powers that be CURRENTLY maneuvering to get the very next shipments, once again, flowing up the BC Inside Passage?!?


Because Big Oil is watching this scene very, very intently. It is essential, -imperative- right now that the general Canadian public believe that mitigation is possible, that clean up can be done, that we have the technology, that we have the skill, the knowledge, the wherewithal to handle petroleum spills at sea.


Because the Justin Trudeau regime is at the brink of announcing that they are greenlighting the Kinder Morgan ASSAULT on this coast.

There will be a fight. A BIG fight. They are desperate to keep the numbers of people involved in that fight to a minimum. They need people to BUY their frame. Selling the Big Oil frame to the gullible people of Canada is the job of the CBC and Corporate Media. It is what they are paid to do.


The 600 ft., 37,000 deadweight ton Oil/Chemical tanker "Navig8 Aronaldo" is currently doing weird loop-de-loops around the north end of Vancouver Island, and appears to be headed up through Hecate Strait to Kitimat.. I'm not used to seeing oil tankers of this size go by here. Wanna bet there's no Canadian pilot on this latest giant bag of oil?! Good thing we've got Western Canada's "World Class" marine disaster response service, and every single piece of equipment they own right here on scene...

Also meanwhile... 

The tugboat "Gene Dunlap" can be seen entering Fitzhugh Channel, on its way to the Nathan E Stewart wreck towing an even more gigantic crane than the one that's already here...

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