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Site C News and Resources

Site C News and Resources

via Ken Boon - Peace Valley Landowners Assoc.

March 2017

Metaphorically speaking, the Site C project is part of every backyard on earth. The Mackenzie watershed is a critical link in a global environmental chain. It is both a Canadian gem and a global treasure. - See more at:


This new dam is a 19th century project in the 21st century which is again displacing farmers and ranchers from properties that have been held for generations, and again ignoring the objections, and the welfare of our native people.


In an interview last year, Energy Minister Bill Bennett said electrification would help the province meet its climate targets, while creating demand for the Site C dam and independent power producers. The opposition NDP says the plan amounts to "chasing customers" for Site C, the demand for which critic Adrian Dix says has not been proven.

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Policy is how things run on a day-to-day, year-by-year basis. Bribes happen just before the election. If the B.C. Liberals think the NDP would be bad for B.C., how come they are lifting planks from the NDP platform?


Case in point: Clark has boasted that she wants to get the controversial Site C hydro development on the Peace River so far down the road that even if British Columbians elect an NDP government this May, the project simply could not be cancelled for financial reasons. It remains to be seen if Clark’s government will grant permits to Taseko to get their project into motion — and past the point of no return.


Vaughn Palmer: Getting Site C to point of no return a damning progress report, so far 

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