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Trump of Arabia

Trump in Saudi Arabia

by Mazin Qumsiyeh -

May 20, 2017

President Trump is in Saudi Arabia where he will instruct his puppets then go to apartheid Israel where get further instructions from his masters.

He will do a token visit to Bethlehem Tuesday and desecrate the city of  the Prince of Peace with his entourage of racist Zionists. I wish I was there to join demonstrations against this symbol of hypocrisy (I am still in Europe).

Everyone now knows that the US government, Israel, and the Saudi regime are and have been the biggest perpetrators of terrorism and genocide in the world. This is to serve one interest and one interest only: Money.

Just to emphasize this, the US arms industry (owned largely by Zionists) will get 110 billion deal (bribe) from the Saudis. Kushner is very happy as are all the rich profiteers around Donald Trump. The neoconservatives  in Washington may have some differences among themselves (hence the frenzy by the establishment media around Russia-Trump connections). But make no mistake about it, it is a difference as between rival gangsters. Meanwhile the price of getting the rich richer grows in human lives. Thousands of civiians are killed in places like Yemen, Gaza, and Syria.

There is a sick collusion of fascists ruling Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA. Sometimes, it almost seems surrealistic. For example the way Erdogan's body guards broke through the barricades and attacked peaceful demonstrators in Washington DC while he looked on was bizarre, (where is the US justice system from all of this?).  But the empire is facing resistance and failing. There is a retreat of US/Israel created ISIS in Iraq and Syria and Saudi puppet forces (mercenaries) are bogged down Vietnam style  in Yemen. Iraq, Syria, Iran, and its supporters like Russia and China are withstanding years of assault.

Trump's mission to wage war on Iran for Israel will not work any better than Bush's war on Iraq for Israel. Times are changing though the imperialist mentality still persists.

In 1916, the two great powers at the time Britain and France drew the Sykes/Picot agreement carving up the Arab world (divide and conquer). In 1917 they pledged their support for Zionism in the form of the Balfour  and Jules Cambon declarations partly as quid pro quo to get the Zionists to drag the US into WWI. The US shortly joined not just the bloody war but the support of Zionism. These powers then held the San Remo conference in 1920 that focused on furthering the divide and conquer strategy followed immediately by appointing the first Jewish Zionist (Herbert Samuels) to rule and ethnically cleanse Palestine.

In the intervening 100 years, nearly 200 million died needlessly (not counting one child dying every six seconds of hunger today) to profit the elites which have been called by various names but can be summed up as a military-industrial-banking complex (increasingly changing from WASP dominated to Zionist dominated).

Alas history ignored is history repeated.....

I continue on a very productive week in Luxembourg and then Belgium. Much networking and solidarity and discussion of those issues that impact life for every human being (including Europeans). Many people are awakened and many offer to help and support for the sake of justice and human rights. We even had a demonstration in Luxembourg for the prisoners on hunger strike; well attended, even with the heavy rain.

For the activities of the group that hosted me in Luxembourg, videos and pictures, see

Palestine Museum of Natural History Acknowledges Generous Contribution of the Government of Canada

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A private settler organization is planning “the most extensive expulsion scheme in recent years,” in the Batan al-Hawa area of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem is warning. The settler group, Ateret Cohanim claims to own about an acre of land in the densely populated neighborhood near the al-Aqsa mosque. The group has filed eviction claims against the 81 Palestinian families who live there.

This critical investigative report explains how Zionists worked diligently and meticulously in one area to conflate Jewishness with Zionism. Basically they wanted and got many western governments to make criticism of Israeli apartheid be included in definitions of antisemitism

Joel Kovel discusses role of Israel in US politics and society and laments this trend that is so destructive and why he is not going to his Yale 60th reunion [this is something I sympathize with having worked at Yales as professor in the medical school for five years and was also unfairly removed].

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