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Corbyn in Front: May May Lose

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May Neck-and-Neck in Final Stretch of UK Election: Standing against 'War on Terror' and austerity proves popular

by Dave Lindorff - This Can't Be Happening

June 7, 2017

This article was written for Salon Magazine [1]

A funny thing is happening on the way to the June 8 snap election in the United Kingdom. Despite two vicious terror attacks apparently inspired by ISIS — the Manchester Arena bombing that killed at least 22 people, many of them children, and another on the iconic London Bridge that killed seven and left 22 critically injured — polls suggest that British voters aren’t fleeing in panic to the current Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May.
Some polls have British PM Theresa
May tied with Labour challenger Jeremy
Corbyn in tomorrow's snap election.[2]

In fact, contrary to all expectations, they continue to swing toward May’s hard-left Labour Party opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, with the latest poll showing the two parties neck-and-neck.

May launched her campaign on on April 18. With polls showing her party anywhere from 15 to 20 points up on Corbyn and Labour at the time, and the favorability gap between her and Corbyn even wider, she hoped for a blowout victory that would boost the Tories’ position in Parliament to a record level.

But since then she and the Conservatives have been watching their support crumble as Corbyn’s has grown. Now many British news organizations are talking about a Tory “collapse.”

It’s now being suggested, even in the right-leaning media, that when the votes are counted Thursday evening, Britain could face an unexpected and murky situation... There could conceivably be a “hung Parliament,” where no party has enough members of parliament to form a majority government.

If the Tory collapse continues through Thursday, Labour, which earlier appeared doomed, could come out ahead in the popular vote as well as the parliamentary seat count. It’s even possible — although admittedly unlikely — that Corbyn, once written off as a hapless relic of the past, could win outright and become Britain’s most left-wing prime minister since at least Harold Wilson in the 1960s.

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