Thursday, June 07, 2018

Intervention This Week: Dissecting John Oliver's Venezuela AgitProp

Leftist Crushes John Oliver's Venezuelan Episode

by Mike Prysner - Empire Files

7 Jun 2018

The week of Venezuela's presidential election, John Oliver dedicated an ENTIRE episode of "Last Week Tonight" to the country, full of distortions and highly misleading to progressive-minded people. Responding to Oliver's major points, Empire Files producer Mike Prysner walks us through the most glaring omissions and misrepresentations.

This response is an essential guide for progressives to understand the reality in Venezuela, most common myths used to discredit the Chavez movement, and role of the US government.

Mike Prysner is an Iraq war veteran and journalist. He spent a month in Venezuela during the height of the protest movement in 2017, covering the riots and economic crisis. He has been a Venezuela solidarity activist since 2006. Watch the many documentaries and interviews he produced from Venezuela at

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