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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Andre Vltchek, Janine Bandcroft January 2, 2020

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

January 2, 2020

Welcome to our 2020 inaugural show. Today, an interview I recorded just before Christmas with Andre Vltchek. Andre's been on the show a number of times over the years, but no matter how many times I've introduced him - listing his many accomplishments as a writer of plays, poetry, novels, documentary film scripts, or his many, many articles on the conditions for the poorest of the poor - I never feel I've credited enough this remarkable and intrepid witness to the state of the World and his times.

Andre's many book titles include: 'China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives'. 'Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism', 'The Great October Socialist Revolution', 'Fighting Against Western Imperialism', and, with Noam Chomsky, 'On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare'.

Listen. Hear.

Andre is Hong Kong now, working on his latest book, a compendium of sorts of these tumultuous last few years of political unrest from Europe and West Asia, to the Americas and Far East.

Andre Vltchek in both the first and second segments.

And; Victoria-based activist and long-time Gorilla Radio contributor, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with the Left Coast Events Bulletin of some of the good things to do in and around our town this week. But first, Andre Vltchek and ...A World So Fragmented!, live to tape from Hong Kong.

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