Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mahmoud Abbas: Reporting for Duty!

Kurt Nimmo
February 26, 2005

Palestine's New Leader: Reporting for Duty!

How convenient. A suicide bomb kills four Israelis at a Tel Aviv nightclub and the warden of the Palestinian open-air concentration camp, Mahmoud Abbas, blames Hezbollah, even though a renegade “cell of the militant Islamic Jihad group in the West Bank” claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Reuters.

Of course, the involvement of Hezbollah in the attack makes absolutely no sense, unless the plan is to further demonize the Lebanese political party with an irksome history of successfully resisting the Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon, eventually ejecting the invaders. It is said Hezbollah wants to push every last Israeli into the sea but this is hardly an original sentiment in the Middle East. It is also completely unrealistic and not likely to happen anytime soon, not with the United States bankrolling the Zionist state and fulfilling its every military hardware dream. Even so, nearly every day we ae told the Arabs want to do this and genocide of Jews is precisely why Iran is working on a bomb, even though they are not working on a bomb, according to IAEA.

Israel killed Rafik al-Hariri and now a UN-appointed commission will affix blame on Syria and Syria will be obliged to move its troops out of the Bekaa Valley thus allowing Israel to invade and re-occupy southern Lebanon where Hezbollah has paramilitaries and there also happens to be a good deal of water Israel thirsts to steal. If Israel and the United States are lucky, the Syrian government will topple from increasing pressure and there will be an “Orange” or “Chestnut Revolution” in Lebanon like there was recently in Ukraine, albeit “funded and organized by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organizations,” as the Transatlantic Democracy Network reports. It appears there is a “postmodern coup d’etat,” as Jonathan Steele of the Guardian termed the so-called revolution in Ukraine, underway in Lebanon.

Exactly a week after the assassination of al-Hariri, “some 50,000 or so protestors met near the [assassination] site, observed a minute of silence, and marched toward Hariri’s grave,” writes Michael Young. “As riot police brought up the rear, or stood by the roadside, protestors demanded a return to Lebanese sovereignty, shouted abuse against Syria and the pro-Syrian Lebanese government, and insisted that there be an impartial inquiry into Hariri’s death.”

Earlier this week Lebanon’s Foreign Minister, Mahmoud Hammoud, told the European Union to butt out of its affairs by calling for an international inquiry into al-Hariri’s assassination and insisted Lebanon’s judicial authorities are capable of leading an investigation. In order to understand Hammoud’s irritation, imagine an assassin killing Clinton or Bush Senior and then Jacques Chirac insisting the United Nations lead the investigation. It would suddenly become illegal to buy French water and wine in the United States and a constitutional amendment would be passed mandating stiff penalties for the use of the phrase “French fries.”

Sarcasm aside, the United States and Israel are determined to wipe out Hezbollah and enfeeble Syria, maybe even overthrow the government of Bashar Al-assad. It now seems Lebanon’s “pro-Syrian” government, duly elected yet unacceptable to the United States and Israel, is a thing of the past and an “Orange” replacement is in the works. The 50,000 anti-Syrian demonstrators marching in the streets of Beirut look an awful lot like the 500,000 demonstrators gathered in Kiev’s Independence Square last November.

Israel wants to finish off Hezbollah once and for all, primarily because it is an effective roadblock in southern Lebanon and it enthusiastically supports the Palestinian cause (Hezbollah’s satellite TV station, al-Manar, is watched by thousands of Palestinians). Hezbollah may be forced out of Lebanese parliamentary politics after a U.S.-supported “Orange” revolution, but that does not mean they will go away—it simply means they will return to their roots and shed any moderating influence gained by participating in mainstream politics. It will also mean they will go back to killing Israelis and possibly U.S. troops as they invade southern Lebanon in response to terrorist events nobody with any credibility takes responsibility for.

If Hezbollah is good at anything—beyond helping impoverished Shia—it is declaring jihad against Zionists and killing IDF soldiers who were so frightened of Hezbollah warriors last time around the Israeli military machine broke down in southern Lebanon and was forced to retreat. This may in fact happen again.

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