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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Alan Cassels, Meghan Murphy September 27th, 2023

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by C. L. Cook -

September 27, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded September 27th, 2023.

More than three and a half years later, and we still don’t have definitive answers to that Covid-19 outbreak; the immensity of which touched arguably every person on Earth. How is it possible the source and cause of Covid, the focus of thousands of minds and scores of millions of research dollars, still eludes us? Health authorities may say, science is often complex and not prone to easy answers, and often that’s true, but not always.

Right now in BC, between 15 and 16 more British Columbians will die every day than the actuarial tables predict. Those tables contain the hard data insurers and others use to forecast who and how many will live, and how many die; the better to set your life insurance premiums, among other things. Not entirely simple, but not brain science either. So, surely BC’s health department can tell us what these nearly 7,000 unforeseen annual deaths mean… Shirley?

Alan Cassels has been a drug policy researcher and pharmacy-journalist for 29 years, and he’s the author of four books including the bestseller ‘Selling Sickness’. His many essays have appeared at Victoria’s Focus Magazine, and other places too. His latest topic of inquiry is ‘Why are so many extra BC people dying than usual?’

Alan Cassels in the first half.

And; just as Covid policy and the war in Ukraine have divided Canadians, so too gender identity and definition is creating camps of passionate disagreement, and even violence. And, it’s not only in this country. Throughout Western democracies, where protecting minorities’ rights is a cornerstone of policy, governments and citizens are being forced to face difficult and fundamental issues of what the nature of society is and should look like. In Canada it means the creation of “thought crimes”.

Meghan Murphy is a Mexico-based Canadian writer, and founder of Feminist Current. She is too the host of The Same Drugs podcast. You can also find all her work online at

Meghan will be in Nanaimo October 1st for Vancouver Island Speaks Out: Gender Identity Ideology, Women’s Spaces & Parental Rights.

Meghan Murphy and the hate and loathing of Canada’s gender identity debate in the second half.

But first, Alan Cassels and the “dead” elephant in the post-Covid excess death living room.


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