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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Yves Engler, Jeremy Kuzmarov April 3, 2024

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by C.L. Cook -

April 3, 2024

Listen. Hear.

Over the weekend Palestinians marked Land Day, the annual March 30th commemoration of six civilians murdered by Israeli soldiers while protesting expropriation of their homes and property in 1976. In Toronto, demonstrations were held Saturday in conjunction with those calling for a cessation to Israel’s ongoing violence, already deemed tantamount to genocide by court findings at the International Court of Justice, and ordered stopped in the UN Security Council.

The protest in Toronto proceeded much as the many preceding it had, until Toronto Police Services decided to escalate. By the end, 7 had been detained, three ultimately charged, and policing in “Toronto the Good” once again proving it ain’t so much so.

But, should we be surprised that the cops in Toronto behave like the politicians in Ottawa – and the presses everywhere in the country – unfairly serving and protecting the interests of Israel? Afterall, it’s a Canadian tradition. As Canadian author, Yves Engler says of his 2010 book, ‘Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid’, “Liberal and Conservative governments, usually with support from the NDP, have staunchly backed Israel since before its creation.”

Yves Engler is a Montreal-based political activist and the author of thirteen books, mostly detailing the dark dealings of Canada’s foreign policy elite, including the aforementioned. His latest, co-authored with Owen Schalk, is ‘Canada’s Long Fight Against Democracy’, which Yves is currently touring across Canada. He’s also a prolific essayist, whose writing appears across the internet and at his website,, where I found his recent piece, ‘Gaza the final nail in “Canada as honest broker” coffin’.

Yves Engler in the first half.

And; last week, America’s media Wurlitzer concerted in replaying a favourite from its propaganda song book. The ‘Havana Syndrome Hustle’, for those not tuned to Spook Radio, was the one about the mysterious illness allegedly suffered by American diplomats in Cuba, (and sympathetically experienced by their Canadian colleagues). Safe to say, the re-release was received with crickets from the critics, but any distraction is a welcome one for American intelligence these days.

But, it’s not all clownery in Washington, DC where former “Counterterrorizism Czar” under George W. Bush rose again last week to be named head of the NED. Covert Action Magazine has, for those unfamiliar with the Beltway players, published a program entry on the National Endowment for Democracy’s new number one, Juan Zarate.

Jeremy Kuzmarov is a journalist and author who also serves as Managing Editor at CAM. Jeremy’s book titles include, ‘Obama’s Unending Wars’, and ‘The Russians Are Coming, Again’, written with John Marciano, and his latest, ‘Warmonger. How Clinton’s Malign Foreign Policy Launched the U.S. Trajectory From Bush II to Biden’. His recent article at CAM is, ‘CIA Cutout Appoints Counterterrorism Czar Who Supported Massive Human Rights Abuses’.

Jeremy Kuzmarov and Spook World not so golden oldies reprised at Foggy Bottom in the second half.

But first, Yves Engler on Toronto’s protest policing, Foreign Minister, Melanie “Genocide” Joly’s public meltdown, and Israel’s escalation through bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus.


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