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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dimitri Lascaris, Dave Lindorff May 19th, 2022

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by C.L. Cook -

May 19, 2022
Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded May 14th, 2022

Niccolo Machiavelli, were he alive today, would likely beam with pride viewing the political progress of Justin Trudeau; recognizing at once the seed of his most famous work, The Prince bearing full fruit in the person of Canada’s current prime minister. Five centuries since his seminal work, Machiavelli’s name has added an “ism” and come to epitomize cold-hearted deceit, manipulation, and the zero-sum pursuit of ones goals irregardless of law, custom, or the plague of moral conscience.

Last week, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau traveled to Kiev to meet up with post-Maidan Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Trudeau’s entourage included his #2 deputy and finance minister, Chrystia Freeland, foreign affairs minister, Melanie Joly, and various security state apparatchiks. According to the Canadian state broadcaster, in pursuit of peace Trudeau said Canada would increase weapons supplies and funding aid to Ukraine, while expanding economic sanctions against “Russian individuals and entities…complicit in Putin’s war.” Of Canada’s complicity in fomenting the current crisis and its support of one side of the seven years-long civil war in Eastern Ukraine, Trudeau remained tactfully silent.

Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist, advocate, activist, and former front-runner for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada. His articles are available across the internet and at his website, where he writes on the political vagaries of Canada’s twenty-third prime minister, and other matters of the moment.

Dimitri Lascaris in the first half.

And; the nuclear “option on the table” the Ukraine proxy war represents is slowly dawning on America’s polity following comments by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov who recently said during an interview, while his country was “doing everything to prevent nucelar war…those risks are now considerable.” Incredibly though, reaction in some quarters of the US punditocracy has been to present nuclear war with Russia as both a surviveable and winnable strategy. But, is the ultimate threat of threats merely overblown?

Dave Lindorff is a publisher, Izzy Award-winning investigative journalist, author, and documentary producer whose in-production film tells the tale of Ted Hall, the American wunderkind who may well have saved Russia and the World from nuclear conflagration. Lindorff’s also the founder of the web news site, This Can’t Be where his recent article, ‘Putin’s Threat to Use Nuclear Weapons Is Not New: The US Nuked Two Cities in World War II and Has Threatened to Use Them Often Since Then’ appears.

Dave Lindorff and addressing the nuclear chicken in the middle of the Ukraine crisis in the second half.

But first, Dimitri Lascaris and calculating the limits of Canada’s Liberal governors.

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Swedes Make War Official

Sweden to join NATO with Finland as US-led war on Russia escalates

by Alex Lantier - WSWS

14 May 2022
A day after Finland pledged to join NATO “without delay,” Sweden’s ruling social democrats accepted a parliamentary report also calling to join the US-led alliance. 
 Swedish Prime Minister Andersson at NATO exercise in Evenes, Norway
May 15, 2022 - Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT / NTB

NATO is threatening to turn Scandinavia and the entire Baltic Sea into a second front in the war on Russia it has waged since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.