Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Massacre Comment: A Doggerel Too Ignorant to Languish

I'll preserve this unreservedly stupid bit of scrap from Kay for the day we see some IDF free information come out of this tragedy. Jonathan's idiocy may amuse in another context, but I fail to see the humour. These people killed, "thugs" we would be convinced, all have families, friends, and lives as productive and valuable as any are no more. Dead mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons, needlessly killed. None were there for glory or money. Most to bring aid to ameliorate in some small, mostly token way, the indefensible siege of Gaza.

Over the next week, as more of the still incarcerated surviving participants are released and their stories told, and proven true, I'll bring this back to Mr. Kay for his doubtless feckless comment. - ape

The Canadian on the Gaza flotilla was a genuine peacenik

By Jonathan Kay May 31, 2010 – 4:24 pm
Earlier today, I blogged about the violent “activists” who provoked the deadly treatment they got at the hands of Israel’s military off the coast of Gaza. Since then, we’ve learned that one of the activists participating in the six-boat flotilla is Kevin Neish, a 53-year-old pro-Palestinian activist from Victoria, B.C.

For what it’s worth, Neish — unlike the violent thugs who sparked the confrontation with the Israelis — seems to have been a genuine pacifist. Here’s a snippet of an interview he gave, from Crete, with Rabble.ca about the (then) upcoming flotilla:

[My role on the boat is that] I’m supposed to delay the [Israeli] commandos enough — non-violently, of course — that [a] film crew can get their footage … I’ve been tasked with basically standing in a passageway that leads to the upper deck, and being in the way, non-violently.

I hope he wasn’t hurt in the encounter. If his words here are sincere, then he seems to have been duped by the violent elements in the Free Gaza convoy as much as everyone else.