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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Pablo Ouziel September 1st, 2022

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by C.L. Cook -

September 1st, 2022
Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded August 6th, 2022.

Europeans are experiencing a blow-back blast this Summer on multiple fronts. Hellishly hot weather, a financial meltdown, and the nagging persistence of the pandemic with all its attendant social pressures are combined to test the hardiest continentals – and, as warm as it is there now, Winter is coming!

Pablo Ouziel is an associate fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria and a visiting fellow in the Department Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton. His book, ‘Democracy Here and Now: The exemplary case of Spain‘ is published by University of Toronto Press and chronicles the birth of the M15 movement against draconian government “austerity” measures, and the rise of authoritarianism there and across the western world.

Pablo currently lives outside Barcelona.

Pablo Ouziel and Europe’s Summer of reckoning.


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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Home News Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dan Kovalik, Aidan Jonah August 25th, 2022

This Week on GR

C.L. Cook -

August 25th, 2022

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded August 20th, 2022

Colombia inaugurated Gustavo Petro earlier this month. The election was close fought, the results indicating a near even divide between the Pacto Histórico candidate and his right-wing opposition, who split the vote between them, allowing Petro’s victory. But, whether loved or loathed what’s certain is, Colombia’s first ever leftist president has made history, and could bring “historic change” to South America’s most troubled nation. At least so says my first guest, who’s recently returned from attending the August 7th inauguration ceremonies in Bogota.

Dan Kovalik is a lawyer, educator, labour, peace, and justice activist, democracy defender, journalist, author, and filmmaker. Dan’s observed elections in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Colombia – where he witnessed the 2016 peace plebiscite promising an end to the generational war there. Kovalik’s book titles include: ‘Cancel This Book: The Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture,’ the “Plot to” series on American efforts to undermine the governments and economies of Iran, Venezuela, Russia, (and to control the World entirely) and his latest is, ‘No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using ‘Humanitarian’ Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interest.’ His recent article, ‘Colombia’s First Leftist President Will Bring Historic Change, If the US Lets Him’ is a sign post at Colombia’s political crossroad.

Dan Kovalik in the first half.

And; it’s no surprise Canada’s foreign policy is aligned with the United States on Ukraine, Russia, Iran, China, and Latin America; successive federal governments have always got along by going along with our behemoth neigbour south, but it would shock many Canadians to learn the degree to which their political system has been infiltrated, and the mechanisms used to deliver the nation’s decision-making into foreign hands.

Aidan Jonah is the Editor-in-Chief of The Canada Files, a socialist, anti-imperialist news site covering Canadian imperialism, federal politics, and left-wing resistance to colonialism across the world. Jonah has broken numerous stories, including how the Canadian Armed Forces trained neo-Nazi “journalist” Roman Protasevich while he was with the Azov Battalion, and how a CIA front group funded the group which drove the so-called “Uyghur genocide” vote in parliament.

Aidan Jonah and just when did the CIA start pulling Canada’s strings? in the second half.

But first, Dan Kovalik and Colombia’s gamble on sovereignty with leftist, Gustavo Petro.

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