Saturday, July 23, 2005

Open Season on Non-White Males in London

Targeted Assassination in London
Kurt Nimmo
Saturday July 23rd 2005, 8:40 am

“We need to await the inquiry to learn the full facts. But if this man [executed in Stockwell] was unarmed and not carrying a bomb, it will raise worrying questions—not least that if we behave as badly as the terrorists don’t we risk losing the moral high ground in the war against them?” opines the Daily Mail. It appears he was not only not carrying a bomb or armed but he was chased by “undercover” cops, that is to say cops dressed in civvies. “It is not true to say that police officers must identify themselves or shout a warning when confronting a suspect believed to pose a grave and imminent threat,” notes the BBC, citing a manual published by the Association of Police Officers. “The manual says that that procedure ’should be considered’ but recognizes that the key aim of an operation is to ‘identify, locate, contain and neutralize’ the threat posed.”

In other words, execution is not only permitted, but in this case, for a South Asian man we are told was followed from a house connected to “suicide bombings,” it was the preferred method for “confronting a suspect believed to pose a grave and imminent threat,” even if the available evidence reveals he wasn’t a grave and imminent threat. “The appropriateness of the tactics deployed at Stockwell and the intelligence on which they were based will now be considered by the Independent Police Complaints Commission,” reports the BBC. “Its inquiry may well redefine the ground rules for the use of lethal force to protect Britain against the threat from suicide terrorism.” In short, targeted assassination will now likely become routine in Britain, as it is in Israel. It sends the preferred message to Muslims. “The tragedy is that when indiscriminate murder is planned by fanatics in our midst, the security authorities are increasingly likely to be forced into such life-or-death decisions,” concludes the Daily Mail. Of course, we have no idea who planned this “indiscriminate murder” and the Brit authorities have no conclusive evidence it was the work of suicide bombers.

Next up: targeted assassination of “militants” in “Londonistan” of the caliber of targeted assassinations in the West Bank and Gaza. Recall the “Right Honorable” David Blunkett, Labor Party politician, telling us he “didn’t give a damn” how many foreign suspects (or for that matter South Asian British citizens) are detained without due process in Britain (under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act) and insinuating that the “airy-fairy, libertarian” views of human rights advocates endanger Britain. “The terrorist attacks in London on 7 July and today provide an opportunity for us to reflect on our systems and practices to ensure they are sufficient to counter such unprecedented events,” declared Ken Jones, Chairman of the ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee, and Chief Constable of Sussex, after meeting with Tony Blair yesterday. It now appears, after the incident at Stockwell, the “practices… sufficient to counter such unprecedented events” will include targeted assassination of individuals who do not pose a threat to the people of Britain. However, in the expanding “war on terrorism,” in essence a war on Islam at the behest of a small camarilla of Straussian-Machiavellian neocons, all Muslims are a threat and will be eliminated accordingly.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Can't Take it Anymore?

Kurt Nimmo
Friday July 22nd 2005,
2:50 pm

Remember Howard Beale, in Sidney Lumet’s classic movie Network, screaming at the top of his lungs that he can’t take it anymore? Well, that’s how I feel about the corporate media these days, especially in the last few days, as the lies, distortions, and scary campfire stories about al-Qaeda gone wild spread unchecked like a nasty viral infection.

“An Al-Qaeda-linked group said today it carried out the latest attempted bomb attacks in London yesterday, warning it will not relent until all ‘infidel’ forces leave Iraq, according to an internet statement,” reports Forbes, a behemoth media corporation you’d think would know better.
In short, they will pull off ineffectual “suicide bombings” (spreading unidentified white powder and giving people asthma attacks) until the infidels are petrified—or stampeded into allowing the state to completely trash the Bill of Rights and set up an authoritarian dictatorship.

But let’s get serious here.

It appears the “terrorists” who “failed to detonate bombs” yesterday did so because they didn’t want to wreck more expensive mass transit machinery. In other words, the real “terrorists” (not the Stepford Muslim pasties) work for the state and there is no sense destroying more stuff unless absolutely necessary, especially considering how this would negatively impact the stockholders of Metronet (a consortium of corporations).
Government knows what side of its bread gets the butter. So it is off to al-Qaeda fairyland again with fallacious “internet statements” and the like. You’d think people would simply refuse to put up with this nonsense anymore. You’d think they’d throw open the windows and scream, like Howard Beale, they’re not going to take it anymore. Instead, there is a deafening silence, or at best an outraged murmur growing in the background.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

As We Prepare for War

As Canada Prepares for Battle

As Canada again prepares to do battle as a proxy force for its Imperial masters,
perhaps it's wise we know exactly what we're in for.

As Canada Prepares for Battle
C. L. Cook

July 21, 2005

In recent months, the Canadian government has rejigged foreign policy; foreign policies that have stood since the end of the Second War, more than sixty years ago. "Integration" is the catchword here, and whether through NATO, or directly with the U.S. as in the Northern Command and Missile Defense, it means suborning both our soldiers and diplomats to the dictats of the United States and their "national interest."

This new direction for Canada is most perfectly illustrated by both the redefining of Canada's mission in Afghanistan, seeing thousands of reinforcements beginning to be shipped out this week (JUL 21) and the redeployment of the current force in-country from the relative stablity of the Kabul area to the volatile west and southern reaches, (where a resergence in Taliban resistance to the occupation makes Afghanistan look more like Iraq every day) and through the public displays of our new number one military man, General Rick Hillier. Hiller held forth recently before the press, veritably foaming at the mouth with his anxiousness to go get the Afghani "scumbags." By that of course, he means "send someone's sons and daughters to "Go Gittim!" Hillier will be directing the charge from the comfortable rear in Otta/Washington.

"Peacekeep THIS mo' fo!"

Up 'til now, Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan have been fortunate, not in small part due to the nature of their mission, locale, and perhaps because Canadians have so far taken a different approach to rapproachement with the people; different that is from the generally witnessed "shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out!" American philosophy. There have been Canadians killed, most tragically when bombed accidentally by a speed-crazed reservist pilot who just couldn't Say No to dropping his bombs on a field training exercise, despite desist orders. But, our government's mission redefinition promises to change that luck.

Well, if we are to become our southern cousin's little emulator, perhaps we can first learn from their myriad missteps. You know, do a little homework on our enemy-to-be, BEFORE we make one of them.

There has been a marked upsurge in violent, "Iraq-style" attacks in Afghanistan over the last few months. As ever, our "public" broadcaster has been loathe to bring bad news into your living room, (try a search on Canada-Afghanistan) the fact is: We are marching our young men and women into a fully blossoming Iraq sequel, (do Canadians really want a part of that? Who asked you!) best described by one of the men leading it.

Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban "military coordinator" talked to the camera's of Al-Jazeera a couple days back and had some interesting things to say. They were not available on Canadian airwaves, the CRTC ruling our collective ears too sensitive for the likes of foreign sourced news. Pity, because Ottawa's nabobs may have found it instructive.

When asked, "What is the rational behind the sudden escalation of Taliban operations in Afghanistan?" Dadullah said,

"Mullah Omar and other Taliban leaders have already stated that attacks against the infidels and the apostate government of Afghanistan would escalate as soon as the harsh winter weather gives way to warmer one. There have also been significant changes in tactics, types of weapons, financial support, and support of the Afghan people."

The "significant" change in "types of weapons" may be point to stress to the troops before their Private Lyin' landing on the beaches of Afghanistan. At least two U.S. helicopters have "crashed" in recent weeks. The Taliban press pool bragged of "new weapons" after a Chinook carrying a near-platoon of special force types was shot down a few weeks back, but the U.S. flacks decided it was likely a Rocket Propelled Grenade's "lucky" shot that brought down the chopper. Another Chinook "crashed" last week. Luckily, Canada doesn't have many helicopters capable of sustained flight, so that may not be a worry; unless, those freakishly-fortunate "RPG's" get pointed at other stuff.

But, you may say: "The States are an ally. They wouldn't lie. Would they?"

The Mullah thinks so. He informed Al-Jazeera:

"Americans have lied from the beginning and continue to lie, especially about their casualties. The number of Americans killed by Mujahideen in Afghanistan is much greater than what the American media disclose."

One unfortunate American scout captured by the "Mujahideen," (remember Sly Stallone's Rambo Does Afghanistan? The Mujahideen are those guys. The ones that toppled the other evil empire.) rumoured by the Pentagon as having been rescued brought this response from the dubious Dadullah:

"The Americans did not ask for his release and we knew that they would not because they do not want to admit to the fact that we captured one of their own and they are not able to free him. It is part of hiding their casualties and part of their false propaganda about winning the war in Afghanistan.

Propaganda galore; enough for all sides. Which side do you want to believe?

The Bush administration's credibility is certainly no greater than Mullah Dadullah's: We know they've lied about...Everythng! Knowing your enemy is always a good idea, but knowing your allies is even more vital.

Back to General Hillier and his Pattonesque enthusiasm for the coming carnage. Who will those scumbags be that Canadians will bomb, bag, and bugger for Uncle Sam? Mullah Dadullah explains:

"All Afghan people are Muslims; they all have weapons and know how to use their weapons. The majority of them are supporter of Taliban and their Jihad against the enemies of Islam. Few have been drawn to the dollars. There are also Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Faithful Muslims will always join the fight to eradicate the enemies of Allah."


The real tragedy of all this is not that it never need have happened, but now that it has, the best we can come up with after two generations of knife-edged Cold War diplomacy and third world despotism is Rick Hillier's mad dog antics for the camera, and Mullah Dadullah. Quite a pair. They should take their act on the road.

There are solutions to the problems dividing the peoples of the world; solutions that allow we all live and thrive in peace, but are there the people to pick them up and employ them?

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada. He also serves as contributing editor to

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Killing the 'Good Earth'

Killing the 'Good Earth': China's Peasant Uprising

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - The fouling of China's rural water and airsheds by factories situated near villages far from the furtile real estate markets of the city threatens to kill the "Good Earth' and the long-enduring way of life it sustains. Frustrated with government inaction, the "peasants" have taken the fight to the gates of the offending factories, where demonstration has led to riots and death on both sides. And, the movement is spreading.

Killing the 'Good Earth'
Unrest in China's Countryside
C. L. Cook

PEJ News
July 20, 05

China's rapid industrial development has brought with it all the banes familiar to the rest of the post-industrial world: Crowding, sprawl, poverty and crime. But, it's not in the cities where the worst side-effects of the mushrooming manufacturing economy are being felt. Much of the damage being done is to the environment, and most acutely experienced in China's agricultural heartland, where the tillers and toilers see little benefits to the destruction of their fields and livelihood.

Chinese authorities spent the weekend battling with farmers and citizens protesting a local factory's pollution is destroying them. Xinchang is a few hundred kilometers down-wind of Shanghai, where a local pharmaceutical plant has been repeatedly cited by the population as posing an environmental threat to them. They've been assured by bribed officials their concerns will be addressed, but frustrated with protracted inaction, they've taken things in hand.

Rural insurrection is in the air right now throughout China, and the residents of Xinchang, knowing of similar civil actions taken in neighbouring areas suffering similar problems and the fate of those demos, were wily in their approach to this event.

Crossing the fields and backways, more than fifteen thousands managed to elude road blocks and other impediments to gather at the gates of the Jingxin Pharmaceutical Company, the site of a recent deadly explosion and release of poison gas. Met with riot police and tear gas, the protesters fought back, killing an admitted six police, wounding many others.

No details on civilian casualties are presently verifiable.

The explosion proved the spark for an already primed atmosphere where crop failures and illness are being blamed on the plant's variously toxic effluents. An unidentified woman living near the plant, (locals say they're afraid to reveal their identity for fear of arrest), says: "Our fields won’t produce grain anymore... We don’t dare to eat food grown from anywhere near here.”

Last Sunday, (JY 17) pitched battles broke out between demonstrators and authorities bussed in to the scene. The crowd overturned police cars, threw stones and bottles, and engaged police. Monday, crowds returned, though in lesser numbers, vowing a determination to continue blockades until the plant is shut-down.

China's political environmental too is to millions a disaster. Occuring throughout China's "miracle economy" are masses of dispossessed peasants, driven from the land to a Dickensian industrial nightmare, destined to toil endlessly for survival in conditions promising less. Staying in the country often means victimization at the hands of local crony pols, the remnants of China's communist legacy now comprising a network of 21st century company towns.

But that network has been shaken by thousands of big and small expressions of resistance.

The Xinchang rebellion is just the latest and biggest of a wave of militant responses to the radical restructuring of Chinese society seen in recent years. As Reuters reports, last year there were 74,000 "incidents" of insurrection reported. They attribute the heightened social unrest with the failure of the central government to deal with local grievances, most concerned local corruption. And, the usually tacit central authority is listening.

Earlier this month, the Party's deputy director, Li Jingtian, criticized elements of the Party's "grassroots cadres," saying: "some of them are probably less competent, and they are not able to dissipate these conflicts or problems."

Not exactly fighting words, but self-criticism is neither a common sight for the Party, that remains the first and last word in China.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, a weekly public affairs program, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada. He's also a contributing editor at

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Gorilla Radio for July 18th, 2005

Gorilla Radio for Monday, July 18, 2005

This week former Wall Street Journal columnist and reporter, Paul Craig Roberts on the Bush legacy in America.

And; Dave Zirin on the politics of professional sport past and present.

And too, Janine Bandcroft bringing us up to speed with all the good things going in and around the south island.

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If there is still anyone with the merest modicum of intelligence on this planet who still believes George W. Bush’s “rationale” for beginning the bloody war and occupation of Iraq was for any other than the basest, self-serving motives, today’s show should dispel you your illusions.

That every single thing the current administration has said in reference to Iraq has proven false; every word a lie designed to deceive the American people and the world comes as no surprise to my first guest. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, journalist, and co-author of the book, ‘The Tyranny of Good Intentions.’ Roberts describes himself still as a conservative Republican, though left behind by what the Bush administration and its policies are making of America.

Paul Craig Roberts in the first half.

And; ding dong the strike is dead! Yes, after sacrificing the 2004-5 hockey season, the NHLPA and The League have inked a deal to play hockey next season. The strike has divided sports fans, leaving the burning question: Does anyone give a damn about hockey?

Dave Zirin is a columnist and editor for the Prince George’s Post newspaper, and author. His Edge of Sports column is a unique marriage of sport and politics that reminding of the tradition of gritty, lay journalism that’s widely republished from to The International Socialist Review.

His new book, ‘What’s My Name, Fool!: Sports and Resistance in the United States’ is fresh off the press and published by Haymarket Books.

Dave Zirin and “Whither sport?” in the second half.

And, Janine Bandcroft may be here at the bottom of the hour, reporting from her annual pilgrimage to the Vancouver folk festival, held over the weekend.

But first, Paul Craig Roberts and the tyranny of good intent.

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