Saturday, December 31, 2022

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Mickey Z. December 31, 2022

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by C.L. Cook -

December 31, 2022

Welcome to GR, recorded December 31st, 2022.


And welcome to the beginning of the end – of 2022. As we all resolve to make ourselves and the next year better, today a look back at the stories of the year past with someone needing no calendrical prompt to do “the hard work” of staring clear-eyed into the face of our times.

Mickey Z. is the author of Post-Woke, a weekly podcast emanating from his native New York City. He is too a past lecturer and political activist, current martial artist and physical trainer, the author of a dozen books, and most importantly perhaps, a sensei teaching “the art of intellectual self-defense”.

Mickey Z.’s book titles include: ‘Darker Shade of Green,’ ‘Self-Defense for Radicals: A to Z[ed] Guide for Subversive Struggle,’ ‘CPR for Dummies,’ 50 American Revolutions You’re Not Supposed to Know: Reclaiming American Patriotism,’ ‘The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda,’ and ‘Occupy This Book: Mickey Z. on Activism.’

Today, Mickey Z. on following the story, while always keeping your intellectual guard up!


Songs: Smoke and Mirrors

               Run Rabbit Run!

Artist: When Humans Had Wings


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