Friday, November 01, 2013

How Smart Is This! Smart Grids and the Future of Power

The "smart" grid: What's really at stake?


Around the globe, citizens of all walks of life are invited to realize that we're all now on the playing field of a corporate control end-game. Through power grid modifications and smart meter installations, monopolistic forces are currently implementing a highly-hackable "smart" system of wireless utility metering, monitoring, selling private data, and control of life in citizens' homes.

But a new day dawns. And we have solutions and renewable energy technology available -- here and now -- to rise above and create a better way of living. We no longer need to be under the thumb, or the spell, of corporate power centers which care neither for planet nor people.


Either stream the movie online for under $3 or purchase a copy or 10.

1. Show it to your friends and neighbors.
2. Order an extra one for your local public library.
3. Get a copy and give it to your Congressman.
4. Organize viewings of the movie at your local clubs, churches and community groups.

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