Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shell and the Paddle for Seattle

Kayaktivists Protest Shell's Arctic Rig in Seattle


It's been quite the week in oil and anti-oil activity. California governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency on Wednesday after a ruptured pipeline spilled an estimated 105 thousand gallons of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean off Santa Barbara. And then on Monday, a waterborne blockade of hundreds of kayaktivists attempted to block the oil giant Shell Oil from mooring its Arctic drilling rig in Terminal 5 of the Port of Seattle.

With us to discuss these developments is Antonia Juhasz. Antonia has recently penned an article in the Rolling Stone magazine titled Meet the Rappers and the Kayaktivists Out to Stop Shell's Giant Oil Rig.

Antonia Juhasz is an oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist. She is the editor of three Alternative annual reports for Chevron and the author of three books on the oil industry including The Tyranny of Oil , and most recently, Black Tide: the Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill . Website: Twitter: #AntoniaJuhasz

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