Monday, June 15, 2015

Rising Tide and 'Clean Pacific' Oil Spill Response Conference

Join Rising Tide on Wednesday where we'll be rallying outside the 'Clean Pacific' Oil Spill Response conference.

by Rising Tide Vancouver

Corporate greenwashers, Exxon, Kinder Morgan (Trans-Mountain Tarsands Pipeline) and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers are sponsoring the conference thinking they can convince us that “growth in crude transportation” is a good idea as long as a bit more money is spent to prepare for the inevitable spills.

Along with colonial government ‘hosts,’ they are ignoring indigenous leaders and impacted communities who are saying NO to pipelines and tankers in their territories.

When: Wednesday June 17 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Where: Canada Place – (999 Canada Pl. – Convention Centre East Building), Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

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Oil sands bitumen is extremely toxic, is destroying indigenous communities and their traditional lands, and is impossible to clean up – a large spill into the Fraser River or Salish Sea would be an unimaginable disaster. AND the most disastrous spill is the one that happens every day when oil is burned as intended – CO2 continues to spill into the atmosphere, worsening the climate crisis and acidifying the oceans causing irreparable damage to sensitive ecosystems that sustain us.

No amount of preparedness will be enough. Resources must be put into sustainable energy development and imagining alternatives to the oppressive capitalist system that continues to put the profits of oil companies before the lives of future generations.

We say keep it in the ground, where tar sands bitumen and fracked gas can’t spill into the water or the air!

Join us! Bring a sign!

Organized by Rising Tide Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

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