Thursday, December 31, 2015

Orwell Speaks from the Grave (Well Down Under Anyway)

A Message from George Orwell: your digital rights

by TheJuice 

Hello Juicers. Unlike you, George Orwell became highly impatient with the hiatus on the channel and so he made me upload this special announcement about the Internet and your online rights… which he wants you all to heed very, very carefully.

  NB. Despite being a ‘spin-off’, this is not a RAP NEWS video! Apologies in advance to anyone who may feel bitterly, even mortally disappointed by that. Despite this, I hope you find the video promising of things to come on the channel. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If enough peeps don’t hate on this, I might make more of these in 2016…

Speaking of 2016, my best wishes to all you fellow Juicers for a healthy and fulfilling new year.

* Written by Giordano Nanni.
* Savvy script consultants: D-bot Rawlinson, Adso Ferguson, Jacob Appelbaum.
* George Torwell performed by Giordano; voice performed by Adso Ferguson.
* Music composed by Adrian Sergovich and The Goat Beats (edited version of the RN15 soundtrack).
* Lucy Cahill wielded the camera, directed and assisted with production in her awesome way.
* Special thanks to peeps at the Tor Project for instigating and supporting the production of this video
* English captions created by Koolfy from http://nurpa.beSUPPORT THEJUICEMEDIA: This is an independent, crowd-funded channel – meaning, it relies on your support. Please consider supporting future content in the following ways:
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ICYMI: George Torwell first appeared via the Juice Channeling Portal in 2012, 

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