Thursday, March 17, 2016

With "Significant" Amount of Diesel Fuel Aboard, 'American Eagle' Tug Runs Aground in Johnstone Strait

American Tug, "Ocean Eagle" and Its Barge Run aground in Johnstone Strait

by Ingmar Lee - 10,000 Ton Tanker

March 17, 2016

Friends; two days ago, the American tug, Ocean Eagle and its tug both ran aground near Chatam Point in Johnstone Strait.

If you get your news from CBC, you will have learned NOTHING about this serious event.

After the  rounding, the " Ocean Eagle" backtracked to Menzies Bay, Campbell River, where it currently languishes at anchor.

Currently, the Western Canada Marine Rescue Corporation ( WCMRC -owned by 5 giant tar- sands producers ) has arrived on scene, - albeit 2 days late.

It would appear that there's a problem... From yesterday's Campbell River Mirror:

Mike Davies - Campbell River Mirror

Mar 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM

At approximately 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, the Campbell River Coast Guard responded to an American barge that had run aground north of Campbell River.

The Ocean Eagle was carrying general cargo and was en route to Alaska when both it and the 100-foot tug towing it touched bottom, spurring the call to the Coast Guard.

According to officials at the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC) in Victoria, the Campbell River Coast Guard responded to the incident, which happened near Chatham Point, and escorted the barge and tug to Menzies Bay for examination to determine the extent of the damage.

Five people were on board, but no one was hurt in the event.

The JRCC says there was no evidence of environmental pollution at the site of the grounding, but the extent of the damage will be determined during the examination of the vessels. The tug was carrying what is being called a “significant” amount of diesel. The tug's capacities are  87,930 gallons of fuel oil, 1,350 gallons of lube oil, 25 gallons of hydraulic oil, and 5,550 gallons of water.

Cheers, Ingmar

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