Thursday, April 14, 2016

RT TV Star Arrested at "Democracy Spring" in DC

Lee Camp Arrested At Democracy Spring

by Greg Palast

April 13, 2016

Lee Camp, host of RT's Redacted Tonight and resident Palast Investigative Fund humorist was arrested Tuesday afternoon at the Democracy Spring protests in Washington DC.

He was one of hundreds who have been arrested in the actions, which are now on day three of ten days of protests. Democracy Spring is a coalition of like-minded groups working together for voting rights, getting money out of politics and protecting the environment.

Check out Lee Camp's videos on how to protect your vote from the DVD "Why We Occupy" below.

 Listen to Lee's interview with RT’s Eunan O’Neill on his arrest.

“There’s a lot of people that are standing up and willing to get arrested to call attention to how money has corrupted our entire system,” Camp told RT in the interview.

Camp has since been released from police custody.

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