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Israel and Militarizing America's Police

Israel and the Militarization of the US Police

by Mazin Qumsiyeh - Palestine

July 11, 2016 

Today marked the day that the results of Tawjihi (secondary school matricuation) were released. A lot of people are celebrating, some not (one girl in Gaza committed suicide after learning she did not pass). But an uncertain future hangs on these aspiring graduates because in one year we will have been under foreign military occupation and colonization for 50 years in the West Bank and Gaza and nearly 70 years in the rest of Palestine. Life goes on in its ups and downs.

photo: Jonathan Bachman - Reuters

The US is at the brink of civil war. The militarization of the US police has been driven largely by Israel touting the need for “counter-terrorism training”. That training in which hundreds (perhaps thousands so far) of senior US police officers travel to our country (Palestine, now under the regime called “Israel”) to train in the same methods used to quell the native Palestinians. Those “methods” are not too complicated. They rely on two elements: brutality and racism.

Jewish soldiers and “police” learn and teach that rights are only for the chosen people and the natives have no rights. So shoot first then if need be you can ask questions later. The US officers trained by Israeli regime officers go back to the USA and train yet more white officers to be racist. People are fed-up in the US (now it has the highest incarceration rate in the world and yet is not safer than most Western countries).

The US public needs to be told the truth about what is going on here. The militarization of the US police forces must end and be reversed now. Police should become community policing and reflective of the diversity of the communities they serve. The Israel lobby should be at least registered as foreign lobby and curbed when it undermines US interests. This is the only way to end the precipitous decline of the US.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travelled to Africa last week. The highpoint of his visit was to mark the 40th anniversary of Israeli air raid on Entebbe airport where a French Airliner had been hijacked and passengers held hostage. The violation of Ugandan sovereignty and violation of international law was touted as a success!!

The death of one Israeli soldier (and many Ugandans) allowed his brother, a chronic liar, to become the current Israeli prime minister. Netanyahu was out trying to sell more weapons and more divisions in Africa (soon after Israel forcibly kicked out African refugees). Pushing Ethiopia to build the dam at the Nile sources hurt Egypt economically and yet the traitor Egyptian foreign minister visited Israel even as Israeli drones violated Egyptian territories in the Sinai.

Israeli media had praise for Egyptian dictator Sisi. Israel also had praise for Ugandan ruler (who ruled for 30 years so far) Museveni. Like many leaders friendly to Israel he is a rambling fool. Here he is welcoming Netanyahu and referring to Palestine when he meant Israel!

These are Israel’s friends: fools and despots who put interests of Israel ahead of their own people for short term personal gains.

The occupation of the American Mind is a video about how media is used to brainwash the American public and serve racist agendas that contradict US national interest:

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