Friday, April 21, 2017

Kenya's Ogiek Reach Across the Ocean for Assistance

Protect Ogiek of Kenya

by Wayne Medrud - GoFundMe

via World Temperate Rainforest Network

April 21, 2017

My Friend Simon Nadungwenkop is chief of the Ogiek tribe of Kenya. They are the traditional beekeepers of the Mau forest. In recent years 1/3 of the forests have been lost to illegal logging and land grabbing.

Being a nomadic tribe, the Ogiek are not recognized under Kenyan law.

Simon has received numerous death threats due to his representation of the rights of indigenous tribes of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania at the United Nations and his activism to save the forests.

With a law suit filed in Kenyan courts, (Crimes Against Humanity) he can name those that threaten him and put them on notice with local police in case anything happens to him. This will provide a sense of security while he fights to save the last 30,000 members of his tribe.

The cost of filing the suit is $3000.

Simon has recently been introduced to bee's wax candle making and soap making which will give his people a viable product to sell in the market place. To this day they do not trade in currency, only honey.

Time is of the essence as he is only in the US until May 6th. To allow for withdraw of funds we have only until April 26th to complete our goal.

I sincerely believe that without this suit, we are condemning this wonderful man and his people to death as well as a way of life that has existed for over 1000 years.

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