Saturday, June 03, 2017

May's Shocking Plans to Gut the NHS

Theresa May in Election Jitters Caught Lying About Tory Plans to Cut The National Health Service


June 2, 2017

The National Health Service in the UK plans to delay or cancel treatment in half the country. This according to English health charity, The King's Fund. The shocking level of cuts in half of local areas in England is a result of attempts to meet financial targets, according to The King's Fund. Health professionals accuse the Tories of willfully destroying the NHS by starving it of cash it needs to operate safely.

This brings to mind the comments of Tory Party grandee Oliver Letwin who in 2004 allegedly told a private meeting that NHS would cease to exist in five years of a Tory government. Letwin, then advisor to the Tory chancellor, also offered a book titled Privatising the World. Later, what he said actually comes true, albeit a bit later than he had predicted. Joining us now to discuss all of this about the UK National Health Service is Kam Sandhu. Kam is an investigative journalist and editor and co-founder of the UK-based independent media outlet, Real Media.

Kam Sandhu of Real Media says there is evidence that Tories plan to sell off assets to service NHS; this is the first sign of distress and it will lead to privatization.

Kam Sandhu is a journalist and the co-founder of the UK-based Real Media.

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