Friday, September 06, 2019

Victoria Rallies with Saturday Kashmir March

Kashmir March

by Masjid Al-Iman

September 6, 2019

Listen. Hear.

[A friend in India close to the Kashmir situation sends this note on conditions as of September 4, 2019 - Ape]


1. 10-20 Indian soldiers patrol each and every street

2. One grocer opened his shop one night recently and was shot & killed by soldier

3. Children & men taken from homes and detained indefinitely

4. Army &/or PCC forcibly entering homes & raping women

5. Nothing has changed since Modi promised peace after Aug. 15, except

6. Locals now allowed 60 second phone calls to relatives abroad

7. People have 3 months of food supplies as they were tipped off before Aug. 5, but they've already eaten 1 month.

8. Any Kashmiri from abroad (India) can only return with a round-trip ticket. They must produce proof they are LEAVING, not staying. One fellow who was only given his ticket number was prevented from using any transportation (including cycle) to get to airport. Had to walk 10 km.

9. Pregnant women who want to give birth in hospital (the custom now) have to walk to hospital.

10. BUT THERE ARE NO MEDICINES IN HOSPITALS nor transportation (ambulances, not to mention rickshaws, cars, cycles, etc.): no penicillin, insulin, even antiseptics for boys’ circumcision.

11. And they're all scared sh*tless & nobody knows what's going on. You can imagine the panic.

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