Saturday, February 19, 2005

George and the Volcano


Eric Blumrich
F18, '05

I could rant, and rant, and rant about the above- but all's I can say, again is:



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Now, I've refrained from pointing out the irrelevancy of the elections, as far as the situation on the ground goes, in recent days- but anyone who follows the news knows the facts. The "elections" in iraq haven't done squat to deter insurgent activity- with daily suicide bombings claiming more and more lives, and US troops still coming home in flag-draped coffins, the elections haven't changed SQUAT, when it comes to the realities of this occupation.

But let's look at the results- as expected, the Shiites have claimed a majority of the vote, bringing into power a coalition led by a curious guy by the name and title of "Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani"- so, who is this guy?

Sistani is a hard-line Muslim fundamentalist who, like the still-extant Taliban, considers the game of Chess to be blasphemous. In his grand plan for the future of Iraq, music and dancing will be banned, women will revert to second-class citizens, and Sharia will become the law of the land.

So, first off, let's congratulate Bush for his glorious triumph in these elections- the elevation of a hard-line religious party to the forefront of Iraqi politics (as in America, so in Iraq.) But heck- we know that these elections were a sham, and whomever came out, on top, matters little.

These elections were only for a national assembly, after all- a puppet congress that will eventually nominate a high council, of sorts, that will, in turn, elect a president (which will be Iyad Allawi, the present US-appointed puppet), and a prime minister- which will undoubtedly turn out to be Ahmed Chalabi- the man who had the ears of the neocons that pushed us into this war, in the first place.

But, here's the major factor, to keep in mind, when it comes to this election:

The majority of those who voted in this past election, believed- truly believed- that no matter who they voted for, they were voting for an end to the occupation. Above all else- the people of Iraq want the United States military to get the hell out of their country, and not let the doorknob hit them where the good lord split them.

But we all know that ain't gonna happen- the neoconservative manifesto demands a permanent and dominating U.S. presence in the area, for generations to come- and the powers behind the Bush throne- Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, and others, well- they don't give a tinker's damn about the will of the Iraqi people.

We already know the Sunnis are pissed off- but ya know- as pissed off as they are- the volume of urine that they have in reserve doesn't hold a candle to that which the Shiites have in store, should the U.S. occupation continue.

Iraq, in the coming months and years, will turn into another Afghanistan- Balkanized among ethnic groups, and regions. It will be a crippled pseudo-state, much as Afghanistan was, under Russian occupation, and will continue to be a fully-funded liability to the U.S. taxpayer.

And ya know- that's just fine and dandy, to the Neocon crowd. Their dreams of empire drive our republic, today, and will continue, as long as we, here, allow them to- and they're only getting started.

The Umma better prepare itself- liberation and democracy is on the way- and if you don't want it, we're going to shove it down your throats. When you can't stomach it, and puke it back up into our faces, we're just gonna knuckle down on you harder.

We're going to give you our version of freedom and democracy, even if it kills us- and we sure as HELL don't care if it kills YOU.

God Bless Bush's america, and the holy christian empire He will build in our name.

I'm going to go throw up, now.

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