Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gorilla Radio for M14, '05

Gorilla Radio for Monday, M7, '05
5-6pm pacific
CFUV Radio

It’s that time again!


Once a year we put our hats on the pavement and ask for community support for the station. We’re a “non-commercial” outfit here, which is the nice way to say: “Dirt Poor.” So, consider pitching in to help us continue to bring news, views, and music you CANNOT find anywhere else.

Gorilla Radio and CFUV FunDrive
by ape

If you value alternative sources of information, and why else would you be visiting,
then please consider helping out CFUV during this year's FunDrive.

As well as my show, Gorillo Radio, CFUV airs Democracy Now! , Alternative Radio ,
and fine local programs like, The Winds of Change, and The Hidden News.

There's also programming focussing on issues that don't get a lot of coverage in traditional media: Gay and Lesbian news; Senior's interests; First Nations concerns; local, national, and international environmental news.

We really are a unique source of information, and entertainment.


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