Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Militant Takes on New Meaning

"Militant" Takes on New Meaning

In any universe, other than the Looking Glass Land of George W. Bush's Amercia, Luis Posada Corriles would be deemed a terrorist. How else could you describe a man that would brag about putting a bomb on a civilian airliner, callously killing 73 people? Well, the BBC would have you call it "militancy." -{ape}

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"Militant" Takes on New Meaning

C. L. Cook
May 18th, 2005

Of course, it's just semantics, or perhaps anti-semantics, but to hear the venerable Grey Lady of the British fourth estate label a man who has admittedly promoted the strategic killing of civilians to further his political agenda anything less than a cold-blooded "terrorist" begs again the question: "Just what do you have to do to be considered a criminal by the judicially challenged Bush administration?"

Luis Posada Corriles, the man already convicted of conspiring to bring down Cuba's Castro and having spent some time incarcerated for his efforts to accomplish this through a terror campaign aimed with calculated indiscrimination against civil infrastructure, was arrested in the United States yesterday after press reports he was seeking asylum there. The Cuban and Venezuelan governments have known this and have petitioned the U.S. to extradite the "militant" for his role in the 1976 bombing that brought down a Cubana commercial airliner en route from Caracas to Havana.

Carriles' pedigree with the Bush family is well-documented. He's done stints with the CIA, is a veteran drugs and gun runner, enjoys a long and storied association with organized crime, and has proven his ruthlessness in dealing with official enemies. Not the faithful servant you want to see take a fall; especially if that public drop risks exposing some of the dirty deals American "intelligence" has hatched these decades past.

Corriles was extraordinarily close to the Bush family, having been a key player in the Iran-Contra Affair of the 1980's. Like many current Bush administration figures, now blithely profiting their erstwhile criminality in the service of Bush interests, Corriles had no reason to expect prosecution under the current continuance of that influence in America. But, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has reportedly taken him into to custody.

For his part, Carriles is begging immunity from both Venezualan and Cuban jurisdictions. The "troublesome two" of U.S. ambitions in Latin American have complained bitterly about U.S. harbouring of veterans of America's dirty wars in the region. Immigration Service officials say they are looking at Carriles' case and a decision is forthcoming. Will it be another Miami retirement for a terrorist?

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