Friday, June 17, 2005

Limbaugh's Fatwa: Leftie Beware!

Limbaugh's Fatwa: Leftie Beware!

Kurt Nimmo
June 17, 2005

In a further attempt to incite fear and division in America, media loudmouth and Bush loyalist, Rush Limbaugh informed his listeners: Those opposing the Bush administration will be responsible if another "terrorist" attack occurs in the United States {ape}

Rush Limbaugh Threatens
a Vendetta Against His Enemies

Kurt Nimmo
June 17, 2005

Is it possible Rush Limbaugh’s years of popping pain pills has eroded his higher brain functions, or is he simply a vicious right-wing demagogue looking to incarcerate (or execute) people he hates, mostly so-called liberals, Democrats, and left-wingers?

On June 14, according to Media Matters, the loud-mouth “excellence in intolerance” host declared on his radio program: Let me tell you something, folks, if we are hit again, if we are hit again, we need to hold these people in our country who are undermining our efforts responsible. It ain’t going to be the FBI’s fault next time. It isn’t going to be the CIA’s fault next time. It isn’t going to be some bureaucracy’s fault next time. It’s going to be the fault of politicians, left-wing groups and the like who have names and identities and spend their every waking moment trying to obstruct our ability to secure intelligence information for our own national security.

But “undermining” what effort? Killing Iraqi civilians, who have nothing to do with terrorism, or terrorism supposedly perpetuated by former CIA assets? Let’s face it—we have no real definitive idea who pulled off nine eleven, there is as much evidence it was Mickey Mouse and Goofy as Osama and his cave-dwelling medieval clan of Koran-thumpers.

“To date, very little evidence has been made public, for obvious security reasons, so any discussion has been necessarily relegated to the realm of speculation,” Jessica Reaves wrote for Time Magazine on October 3, 2001. “We do know that this is not a ‘normal’ evidentiary search: Colin Powell has been candid in saying that the evidence is not of the type that would stand up in an American court of law.”

In fact, speculation is all we have—and speculation and outright lies drive Bush’s bogus war on terrorism. He does not need evidence because the American people do not insist he present it. Millions of Americans were all too willing to buy his line (and his later lies) because he said it and he is the president and Americans love to believe whatever their presidents say, even when it turns out they are demonstrated liars (and this is hardly an uncommon personality trait for the people who end up acting as our so-called leaders).

Limbaugh’s threat he will transfer guilt and blame “if we are hit again” to his list of select enemies because they have questions—and for Limbaugh and the rabid right-wingers engaging in dialogue and criticizing the government are acts of treason because like Good Germans we are all to march unquestioningly in step with people guilty of telling enormous and murderous lies in order to invade innocent countries—is more than enough evidence of his fascistic leanings and vindictive personality. Like Horowitz and other right-wing attack dogs, it is not so much the perceived (and imaginary) enemy (invariably Muslim) but rather “left-wing groups and the like who have names and identities” (making a list, checking it twice) who would presumably be rounded up in the middle of the night and either prosecuted, incarcerated, or as one of Limbaugh’s contemporaries on a Denver talk radio station warned, executed as traitors and seditionists.

Only fascists and diehard Stalinists were as obsessed with rubbing out their enemies as the current crop of Limbaughs and Savages and Horowitzs. It is indicative of the corroded state of political discussion in America when popular radio talk show hosts threaten enemies over the air while millions of people listen (some of them obviously deranged). Limbaugh went so far as to tick off several names:

You want some names: [Sen. Patrick] Leahy [D-VT], [Sen. Joseph R.] Biden [D-DE], [Sen. Richard J.] Durbin [D-IL], [Sen. Barbara] Boxer [D-CA], [Sen. Edward] Kennedy [D-MA], [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid [D-NV], Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, Amnesty International. If we get hit again, these are the names of the people and organizations we need to look at when we’re trying to find out why and how it happened.

If one or more of these people are shot on the street or have white powder mailed to their offices and homes, we can blame Limbaugh and the rabid right attack dogs.

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