Sunday, February 19, 2006

Henry Rollins: Threat to Australia

ADE - Kurt Nimmo - Henry Rollins, “nominated as a possible threat” for reading a book about militant Islam (Jihad: The Rise Of Militant Islam In Central Asia) on a recent flight from Auckland, had the right idea when he told the government of Australia and the National Security office to “go f… themselves.”

Rollins Criminalized for Reading
Kurt Nimmo

Another Day in the Empire
February 18th 2006

As well, he would do good to never visit Australia again and urge his family, friends, and fans of his music and stand-up comedy routine to do likewise. If more people did this, the fascist state of Australia and the neocon government of John Howard would get the message—in a particularly hurtful economic way.

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I have not entered an airport (fascist zones) or boarded a commercial airplane since 2002. I recently drove 2,600 miles round-trip to visit an ill relative.

Of course, if Bush and the Straussian neocons have their way, all freeways will soon become fascist zones as well and you will need a passport to travel from one state to another (we already have worthless ICE checkpoints here in New Mexico) and the trip will cost a small fortune, thanks to the imposition of toll roads everywhere (I was forced to use one in Oklahoma as I traveled to Indiana, a state that will soon have its own toll roads). Neoliberalism is making its mark in a big way here in the heartland.

For now, however, there are few jackbooted thugs on the interstate freeways and I can avoid the sort of abuse Rollins endured.

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