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The Neo and Improved Hyper-Holocaust © - It's Not Just for Jews!

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - I don't have to sell Hyper-Holocaust © to Americans; they're already hooked. Already, every day they buy it; America literally lives by the grace of the creation and sustenance of a death's head apparatus, a paradigm demanding the erasure of lives at a staggering, and accelerated rate. But for those yet conscience-capable, the ones whose hearts still bleed for the horror and destruction of life this model exacts, pray let me take my foot from the door, and come inside that I may enlighten.

The Neo and Improved Hyper-Holocaust ©
It's Not Just for Jews!

C. L. Cook

PEJ News
June 9, 2006

What was it?

Some organized bunch or other came out some time back with statistics regarding the number of foreigners immolated in the furnace of the Post-WWII economic miracle. The millions America sacrificed on that altar, they said, now surpassed the numbers of dead, widely disseminated, of those finished off in the Nazi death camps; a more or less 6 million killed that the greater many would prosper.

Though largely regarded as a great tragedy, and the nadir of human history, their sacrifice was actually, in some philosophies, the greatest philanthropic demonstration ever seen. In their imprisonment, execution, and removal, the blood of the dying sustained grand economies, creating whole industries of labourers dedicated to both continue the doctrine, and cease it.

Now, that's sacrifice!

It wasn't just Herbert Walker Bush, and the Harriman's making a killing. Think of it: Someone has to build those concentration camps. Masons, carpenters, electricians, pipe-fitters, gravediggers; wiping out mass numbers of people takes a village, so to speak. Thousands upon thousands diligently at work creating the infrastructure; millions managing the upkeep; not to mention economic spin-offs, coffee shops, strudelariums, etc.

Holocaust is good for the economy. The sacrifice of the few millions for the benefit of the many dragged Germany, America, Europe, and the rest of the Banking world from the brink of financial apocalypse then, and created the sunshine existence the west has largely witnessed since.

And it is still, only more so

Despite the stunning success of Nazi Germany in dispatching the reputed six million "Jews," (to be fair, one must include the myriad socialists, communists, fags, gypsies, retards, etc., sacrificed too) that we would benefit. It is an accomplishment still undervalued; actually, it was the blood of some forty millions more that greased the gears of that awesome machinery.

As great as that effort of Yore was, it pales besides the visionary scope of what we see today.

Though the mensch destroyed yet, measured in piddling hundreds of thousands in Iraq, are acknowledged for their current contribution, the nature of this new, Neo and Improved Hyper-Holocaust © dwarfs the efforts of past giants like Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Mao. Today, we can expect billions contributing their blood to oil the mechanisms emplaced for the improvement of a future greater humanity for some. And, it's a sacrifice guaranteed to keep on sacrificing, as the effects of depleted uranium kill and kill, creating a massive problem someone is going to have to address. Cleaning that up is a 4.5 billion year contract!

Of Fools and Placards

Yes, I've seen them too. Idiots bent on "Peace."

Economics morons that would cut the throat of the economy without understanding its underpinnings. Do they realize what "Peace" would mean? Can you imagine, the storehouses, surrounding every major city of North America and elsewhere, where the product of diligent industry is kept waiting to serve the greater good were suddenly rendered useless?

Can you imagine an economy without war, and its attendant sacrificial lambs?

The massive fortunes accumulated through this by the few aside, it is now our all's reality, we profit this. Yes, George W. Bush's family makes a fortune daily through the destruction of infants in far-flung lands, and has done for generations. Yes, it's true business has never been better for they and their coterie, but who among us cannot honestly claim advantage?

And, the future looks bright on the killin' front.

Hitler and the rest could hardly ken the "German efficiency" of today's Neo and Improved Hyper-Holocaust ©. Imagine that they had nuclear weapons. And, not just the staid old city erasers of Hiroshima days, but more subtle "mini-nukes," and bullets capable of irradiating the ground and water, recreating apocalypse in perpetuity?

As good as they were, the Nazis of old would have to concede to their progeny's ability.

Those still unsold this opportunity, Canadians exempt, due to tithed tribute exacted by your government through the State pension fund, (more on that later), the underlying principle of this is simple: the suffering of the few for the prosperity of the many. Mr. Spock could not say it more clearly.


Holocaust, in its literal translation is: Sacrifice. That the surviving Juden would choose that moniker to encapsulate their horrific shared experience under the fascists has always struck me strange. A sacrifice is, after all, a triumph of the will. So, who's will was at work then, in their view?

And, more importantly, who's will will be at work now, creating and sustaining the necessary Neo and Improved Hyper-Holocaust ©? And how broad will their scope be?

Chris Cook
is a contributing editor to PEJ News, and host of Gorilla Radio, broad/webcast from the University of Victoria every Monday between 5-6 pm pacific time. You can check out the GR Blog here.

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